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Top 10 LSU Football Running Backs, 1986-2010: Fan's Analysis

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Is Kevin Faulk the best LSU football running back in recent history? Compared to other LSU running backs I had seen play over the years, Faulk certainly seemed to be the best. I wanted to take how I remembered running backs playing out of the equation when ranking the top 10 from 1986-2010. I picked those seasons because the statistics were readily available.

About The Rankings

Running backs were ranked based on their average finish in 14 different categories using a 12 game average. Categories were rated equally and included seasons played, rushing and receiving statistics and total touchdown percentage. A running back had to play at least 13 games and accumulate at least 185 yards to make the list. A total of 34 running backs were ranked and bowl statistics were included.

Here's the Top 10 (years are letters won, average finish per category in brackets):

#1 Kevin Faulk, 1995-1998 (4.1)

#2 Joseph Addai, 2002-2005 (6.7)

#3 Harvey Williams, 1986-87, 1989-1990 (6.9)

#4t. Eddie Fuller, 1986-1989 (7.3)

#4t. Rondell Mealey, 1996-99 (7.3)

#6 Charles Scott, 2006-09 (7.7)

#7 Domanick Davis, 1999-2002 (9.9)

#8 Jacob Hester, 2004-2007 (10.2)

#9 Keiland Williams, 2006-09 (10.4)

#10 LaBrandon Toefield, 2000-2002 (11.1)

Next five: Justin Vincent (12.6), Alley Broussard (15), Odell Beckham Sr. (15.6), Stevan Ridley (16.4) and Kendall Cleveland (16.8).

How Running Backs Made Top 10

Kevin Faulk finished first in six of the 14 categories. Faulk and Harvey Williams were the only running backs to average more than 1,000 total yards per 12 games. Only Faulk, Harvey Williams and Toefield averaged more than 175 carries and 190 total touches per 12 games. Addai finished in the top five in seven categories and was second in seasons and receiving touchdowns. Harvey Williams was second in receptions, rushing yards, receiving yards and total yards. Eddie Fuller was the top running back at receiving, finishing first in receptions, receiving yards and receiving touchdowns. Mealey finished in the top five in eight categories including touches and touchdown percentage. Scott finished No. 1 in touchdown percentage (7.7) and was in the top five in four other categories. Davis ranked in the top 10 in nine categories and was fifth in seasons and rushing attempts. Hester ranked in the top 10 in six categories. His best categories were seasons, receptions and receiving touchdowns. Keiland Williams was in the top five in rushing average and average yards per touch. Toefield's touchdowns ranked second and his rush yards and total yards ranked third.

As an LSU fan, I'm interested to see where some of the Tigers' current running backs will rank compared to the guys on this list.

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