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Top 10 best looking female athletes in sports

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Top 10 best looking female athletes in sports

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Danica Patrick, gorgeous racing star.

Who are the 10 best looking female athletes in sports?

This list covers a lot of different sports, and include a lot of different types of women, all beautiful and all athletically gifted. Of course, no one watches any of these sports for the women, right?

This list of best looking female athletes goes in reverse order from No. 10 to No. 1, where the unquestioned most beautiful female sports star resides.

No. 10. Jennie Finch

Blonde bombshell softball star

This beauty has been called the most famous softball player in the world. Most of that is surely due her talent as she led Team USA to a gold medal in the 2004 Olympics and a silver in 2008. But her California girl good-looks don't hurt either. Recently Jennie announced her retirement after a pro stint with the Chicago Bandits - but her medals, and her internet pics, aren't going anywhere.

No.9. Malia Jones

Stunning queen of the surf

Malia is a truly gorgeous Hawaiian beauty tailor-made for her sport of surfing. She's also a world-class model who has been in SI's swimsuit edition and starred in a long list of TV commercials. The camera loves her no matter what, but the sight of her 5' 5" frame striding atop the surfboard is not to be missed.

No.8. Daniela Hantuchová

Lanky pro Slovakian tennis starlet

This budding tennis beauty who has cracked the top 10 in women's professional tennis a few times has also made it into SI's swimsuit edition, and made hearts beat fast dangerously everywhere on the WTA tour. Currently ranked outside the top 20, the lanky 5' 11" Daniela often features a fetching long pony-tail on the court and can't be missed with her big forehand and gorgeous looks.

No.7. Lokelani McMichael

Ironwoman beauty of the triathlon

Another Hawaiian stunner (they breed them apparently), Lokelain is a triathlete also known for surfing and modeling. She is in the Guinness Book of World Records as the youngest female ever to finish the Ironman, and in our hearts as the queen of the triathlon.

No.6. Jamie Sale

Skating partner of your dreams

This sleek Canadian figure skater competes with husband and partner, David Pelletier, and together they won the 2002 Winter Olympics gold medal in the midst of the Olympic skating controversy. At 5' 1" this fetching brunette is one of sport's most graceful female beauties. She became a mother in 2007 with the birth of a son. Jamie tours with David in "Stars on Ice," even though they have reportedly decided to divorce.

No.5. Ana Ivanovic

Long cool beauty of tennis

A gorgeous Serbian tennis star, Ana won the 2008 French Open and also vaulted to the top in tennis heartbreakers. Tall, dark and lean, the 6' 1" beauty has a two-handed backhand that is one of the sweetest strokes in all of sports.

No.4. Anna Rawson

Pro golf's blonde bombshell

This leggy Australian golf starlet is also an internet picture sensation. A college golf star at the University of Southern California, Anna is currently one of the most watched ladies on the LPGA Tour. She also has one of the coolest and most-viewed websites in all of female sports.

No.3. Francesca Piccinini

None too-shy Italian volleyball darling.

A true Italian beauty and one of the world's best known volleyball players, Francesca was on the team that won the 2002 world championships and has represented Italy in the last three Olympics. Known for her spiking skills, her full 5' 11" frame, and posing nude occasionally for Italian magazines.

No. 2. Maria Sharpapova

Tennis superstar rich in cash and beauty

Perhaps the best known and best paid female athlete in the world, the lanky 6' 2" Russian star came model-ready when she burst on the tennis scene - but she's also proven her world-class skills by winning three Grand Slam titles. With perhaps the most famous grunt in sports, the stunning blonde has also appeared as a model in countless spreads and as a pitchwoman in commercials for Cannon and Nike. Maria signed a $70 million deal with Nike in 2010 that was the highest ever given a female sports star, so she's unbelievably rich as well as being unbelievably hot.

No.1. Danica Patrick

Fastest woman alive has the looks to match the nerves.

With a combination of speed and beauty that is the ultimate in female athlete hotness, Danica is a fearless brunette beauty who puts her 5' 2" inch frame up against the big boys in Indy Car and NASCAR racing. She became the first woman in history to win an Indy Car event at the Japan 300 in 2008. Since then she has only grown in popularity. Recently the spunky racing princess has starred in a host of commercials, including her popular spots for Dick's Sporting Goods. But it is out on track where Danica is at her fastest and most fetching, the fastest woman in the world and the world's most beautiful female athlete.

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