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Too Much Sympathy for Bryan Colangelo

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COMMENTARY | This week a large contingent of the local media here in Toronto are up in arms over how Bryan Colangelo is being treated by MLSE and new CEO Tim Leiweke.

First, there's doubt over if Colangelo should have been dispatched to the pre-draft camp in Chicago this week.

Then there's questions over why the team continues to let him hold his position when so many people assume he's toast.

There's also a popular view that Colangelo has handled himself with class and the franchise has shown a lack of it by how they are handling things right now.

Sorry, but I'm not buying any of those arguments. The fact of the matter is that MLSE hired Leiweke less than a month ago and he's not supposed to take over his position in an official capacity until July 30 th . Personally, I think Leiweke should be given credit for jumping into things quickly but not making a decision at a time or pace when others expect it.

On top of that, Colangelo is just 240-318 during his tenure here in Toronto. The team has failed to make the playoffs for five seasons, he inked Hedo Turkoglu to a horrible deal, lost Chris Bosh for practically nothing and the team currently finds itself in salary cap hell. There's nothing about that which indicates that Colangelo deserves any more chances running the Raptors.

Would it have been ideal to have things sorted out by Wednesday like many had assumed? You bet it would. With the coaching carousel in full effect it makes sense to get pre-draft stuff organized and have a coach for next year in place sooner rather than later, but it's more important for Leiweke to take his time and make sure he makes the right decision regardless of how much time it takes. The last time Toronto's management team rushed to hire someone based on a timeline it resulted in Rob Babcock being hired so that he could handle the 2004 draft. The result what the drafting of Rafel "Hoffa" Araújo and sending the franchise into a tailspin it can be argued they still hasn't recovered from.

While it appears Colangelo is on his way out, there's no reason to rush a decision. It's still possible that Leiweke decides to pick up Colangelo's option for one year or he may decide to keep things in house and give Ed Stafanski a promotion while keeping the rest of the front office in place with the exception of Colangelo being shown the door.

Regardless, there appears to be a lot of uncertainty right now. Because of that, there's no reason to make a rush decision and put the franchise in a bad spot.

Patience is a virtue MLSE should be credited for and fans and members of the media needs to embrace.

Ryan McNeill lives in Toronto and has been covering the Toronto Raptors with media passes since the 2007-08 season. You can follow him on Twitter by clicking here.

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