Tony Stewart Will Not Be Penalized for Throwing a Helmet: NASCAR Fan View

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Tony Stewart Will Not Be Penalized for Throwing a Helmet: NASCAR Fan View

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Tony Stewart

Tony Stewart has revealed that NASCAR will not penalize him for throwing his helmet at Matt Kenseth during a race. He has also shared the same complaint as fans about the secretive policies that NASCAR uses to determine penalties. Stewart has downplayed the incident at the Bristol Motor Speedway, and his comments indicate that he does not plan on following through with his original threats.

No Penalty from NASCAR for Stewart

NASCAR has not issued a penalty for Stewart's actions at the Bristol Motor Speedway race. Tony Stewart threw his helmet at Matt Kenseth's car after the wreck. The helmet did not damage the No. 17 car, and Kenseth finished in 25th position while Stewart finished in 27th place. Although NASCAR chose not to penalize Todd Bodine for a similar incident in the same month, it has never clarified its policies on helmet throwing. The organization's decision not to fine Stewart and Bodine seems to indicate that it does not consider this a problem.

Tony Stewart Shares the Fans' Frustrations

On Aug. 28, Tony Stewart revealed that he shared the same frustrations as fans about NASCAR's secretive policies. Stewart mentioned, "I figured I was going to get some kind of a penalty for it, so that's nice to know that's something you can get away with. I just wish we could get a more lengthy list of what we can and can't do." Tony Stewart was the second driver in Aug. to throw a helmet, yet NASCAR has still not bothered to clarify the issue.

Letting Go of the Threats

Tony Stewart has also shared that his initial threats to run over Matt Kenseth may not happen. After the race, on Aug. 25, Stewart declared, "I'm going to run over him every chance I've got from now until the end of the year, every chance I've got." However, on Aug. 28, his comments revealed that his anger at Kenseth may be wearing off. Stewart pointed out, "Only if I need to; no more than anybody else. . . . It's not our intention to seek him out."

Both Tony Stewart and Matt Kenseth plan on competing in the next Sprint Cup race at the Atlanta Motor Speedway. The AdvoCare 500 is scheduled for Sept. 2, and officials are taking advantage of the incident by offering a special ticket sale. Fans will be able to purchase a fourth ticket, based on the drivers' car numbers, for either $14 or $17.

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