Tony Romo is Not in Eli Manning's Class: Fan's Take

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As the Dallas Cowboys prepare to host the New York Giants in an NFC grudge match on Sunday, October 28 (4:25 p.m. ET on FOX), inevitably we're going to see and read about the comparisons between the team's respective quarterbacks, Tony Romo and Eli Manning.

Well, I've had enough of them.

Romo is not on Manning's level.

I'm not saying that Romo is a bad quarterback. He has some impressive NFL credentials, like being named to the Pro Bowl three times. I'm just saying that Manning has established himself as an elite and clutch NFL signal-caller. Romo may have the numbers, but he's not elite and he's for sure not clutch. Furthermore, Romo can't beat Manning when it counts. Forget about the Cowboy's win against the G-Men on Opening Night. Tell me when has Romo has defeated Manning in an important game.

In 2008, Manning led the Giants into Dallas and beat the Cowboys in the Divisional Round, 21-17. Manning threw a pair of touchdowns and led the game-winning drive in the fourth quarter. Romo, who completed 18 of 36 passes, threw an interception late in the fourth quarter. Last season, Manning defeated Romo twice, including in the last game of the regular season at MetLife Stadium, when one win by the Cowboys would have given them the division title. But it's not just head-to-head records.

Manning, who nearly threw for 5,000 yards last season, has two Super Bowl MVPs under his belt and a playoff record of 8-3. His five postseason road wins are the most by an NFL quarterback. Furthermore, two of his career 23 fourth-quarter comebacks have been in the Super Bowl. By comparison, Tony Romo has led the Cowboys to playoffs only three times, where his record is 1-3. Enough said.

No, really, enough is enough.

Adam Martini is a freelance sports writer who proudly wears his Rodney Hampton jersey on Sundays during the football season. He grew up in Queens, N.Y. rooting for the Giants despite being surrounded by Jets fans. Adam follows back Giants fans on Twitter @PegCitySports.


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