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Tony George Resigns from Board of Directors of Hulman& Company: A Fan’s Reaction

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Tony George has officially resigned from the board of directors of Hulman & Company. Hulman & Company is the entity that owns the IndyCar organization and Indianapolis Motor Speedway. It is speculated that he resigned to avoid any conflict of interest, or the appearance of a conflict of interest. George has been rumored to be planning to take over the organization. In fact, there have been rumors of a takeover since earlier in the season. It has been rumored that some of the teams are backing the takeover. However, there has been an indication that a takeover bid would be unsuccessful. Those in charge of the board that he resigned from have stated that it would not be sold. Earlier in October, there were no indications that any formal proposal had been submitted.

This is not the first season where rumors of a takeover have popped up. It seems every couple of years there is renewed gossip of an attempted takeover. This is not surprising considering the history of the IndyCar organization. Originally, the United States Auto Club was the main racing organization. In the late 1970s, the CART series split off from the USAC. In the 1990s, the Indy Racing League and CART split. Later, the CART series became the Champ Car series. George was integral in forming the Indy Racing League, which later became IndyCar. IndyCar ended up merging with Champ Car to become the organization it is today.

I would love to see the IZOD IndyCar teams and drivers have a good season that is relatively free of conflict. This does not seem meant to be. After a tough season that was marked by a shortened schedule and engine manufacturer problems, the 2013 season needs to be a clean one. Fans can only tolerate their favorite drivers being forced to sit out races for so long. Fans can easily understand a penalty or injury that forces a driver to sit out or a big wreck that damages a car. However, it is much more difficult to understand a policy that makes a certain number of drivers have an inferior engine that prevents the driver from being competitive. After a questionable season, if there were to be massive changes and a takeover, it may be too much for some fans.

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