TMT Promotions and 50 Cent Prepare for November: Fan View

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TMT Promotions and 50 Cent Prepare for November: Fan View

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50 Cent

50 Cent and the Money Team (TMT) Promotions have been preparing for a fight in Nov. 2012. The rapper has partnered with Floyd Mayweather Jr. to create the company and challenge over promoters for business. TMT Promotions has already signed several fighters and is rumored to have taken Mayweather from Golden Boy Promotions.

TMT Promotions is Getting Ready for November

Although TMT Promotions has not released an official fight card, there have been multiple reports about an event planned for Nov. 17. 50 Cent will allegedly have Yuriorkis Gamboa face Juan Carlos Salgado and Brian Magee face Andre Dirrell. In addition, the fight card is rumored to air on Showtime. Neither the network nor the promoters have confirmed this information.

Has Floyd Mayweather Jr. Signed with TMT Promotions?

Several boxers have announced their contracts with TMT Promotions, but Floyd Mayweather Jr. has remained silent despite his partnership with the company. 50 Cent has insinuated that Mayweather has joined TMT Promotions on Twitter by posting that Oscar De La Hoya "won't be promoting Floyd" in the future. However, Mayweather is still considered a part of Golden Boy Promotions at this point. Billy Dib has already joined TMT Promotions while Andre Berto and Zab Judah have also been rumored to have signed contracts. Signing Floyd Mayweather Jr. could be the key to the new promoter's success, and it is only a matter of time before it becomes official.

50 Cent Claims He Wants to Change Boxing

After spending years by Floyd Mayweather's side, 50 Cent believes he can change boxing and actually improve the sport for other fighters. 50 Cent has explained, "The goal initially is to create a company by fighters, for the fighters, which breaks the traditional vibe of promoters taking advantage of fighters." Can they actually have an impact against Bob Arum or Golden Boy Promotions? Signing Mayweather would provide a boost, and 50 Cent mentioned he has a plan to attract a younger demographic back to the sport. The potential Yuriorkis Gamboa, Juan Carlos Salgado, Brian Magee and Andre Dirrell fight card for Nov. 17 will bring interest and reveal if TMT Promotions can live up to its claims.

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