Tim Tebow Gets Teased with Chants of "Lolo!" in New York Jets Locker Room: Fan's View

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According to a Yahoo! Sports report, New York Jets quarterback Tim Tebow was serenaded with chants of "Lolo! Lolo!" when he entered the team's locker room following the May 24 organized team activities.

Apparently, this was in reference to Lolo Jones' recent admission on HBO's "Real Sports" that she is still a virgin.

Jones, a 29-year-old Olympic hopeful and American hurdling star, has drawn comparisons to Tebow ever since her stunning admission.

In 2009, Tebow made national headlines when he candidly responded to AOL Fanhouse journalist Clay Travis' question if he was saving himself for marriage.

Tebow smiled, laughed a bit, and simply said "Yes," sparking a media frenzy.

If there's anything that can be taken from the Jets serenading Tebow with these chants, it's that they have a true comfort level with him.

By all accounts, this was a form of good-natured hazing and in no way was it meant to be hateful towards his religious beliefs and strong moral convictions.

Just last week, reports came out that Tebow was winning his new teammates over day by day.

"Some people have it and some guys don't," Revis said of Tebow's leadership qualities in a CBS New York report. "I just think the passion, it's the passion within, of him wanting to be a leader, wanting to win. You see it all the time - eating lunch you see it. Walking down the hallway you see it."

Revis is a veteran team leader on the Jets, so it says a lot about how the team feels about Tebow when he came out with a bold remark like that.

Tebow shouldn't be too offended by the Jets' "Lolo" chants, as this kind of hazing will help to initiate him into the group.

On the heels of the other major "hazing" story to come to light this week - a brutal beating of a band student at Florida A & M University - the Jets' initiation of Tebow was far less dangerous, mean-spirited or violent.

It should be chalked up to just a couple guys in their mid-20s sharing a good laugh.

Were the players in the Jets' locker room wrong for mocking Tebow's virginity? Let me know in the comments.

Eric Holden is a lifelong New York Jets fan. Follow him on Twitter @ericholden.

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