Tim Tebow Featured in September 2012 GQ Magazine: A Fan's Take

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Move over Mark Sanchez. Tim Tebow is making waves with his latest GQ photo shoot. Is this the year of Broadway Tim? One photo in particular is drawing some controversy. You have to buy the magazine to see the entire story, but a sneak peak is available online.

Tim Tebow "The Savior"

In a black and white shot, the backup quarterback for the New York Jets is in a crucifix pose--without the physical cross. Here is the photo that is causing a stir. The second photo is of a shirtless Tebow, in football pants, legs crossed and arms spread wide. He is facing to the side. All that is missing is an actual cross and a crown of thorns. Tim Tebow may have gone too far on this one. Is it right for a nice Christian boy to play to the media like this? Tebow is far from being the football savior the Jets need. As for saving anything else or anyone--I'll leave that to a higher power than Tebow mania.

Other Pictures

Another picture of Tim Tebow shows him in a Calvin Klein t-shirt. Here he actually looks like a football player instead of someone playing a fantasy religion role. A third photo is a closeup of a shirtless Tebow. They cleaned him up nicely for the photo shoot. His usual unkempt, scruffy beard is neatly groomed. Normally, he looks like he just crawled out from under a rock. This is a huge improvement for him. Tebow actually has a kind of sexy thing going on with his beard really short.

Tebow and the Jets

New York does not need any more distractions. The team is trying to create this smoke-and-mirror image of Tim Tebow and their offense. This will only take them so far. What the Jets need to do is to get the team focused on football. Tebow was lackluster in the first preseason game. Nothing surprising from the offense. Tebow was intercepted once. The last thing Gang Green needs is another Broadway Someone on the roster. Can the team focus on playing football already?

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Lynda Altman grew up just outside of New York City. She has been a Jets fan all of her life and hopes they have a winning season in 2012. You can contact her @LdyJetsFan on Twitter.

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