Would Tim Tebow Get Booed at Madison Square Garden? a Fan's View

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Would Tim Tebow Get Booed at Madison Square Garden?  a Fan's View

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The Denver Broncos traded Tim Tebow on Wednesday to the New York Jets. The move to New York doesn't seem …

When the New York Jets traded for Tim Tebow last month, it seemed like just a matter of time before he would be spotted on Madison Square Garden's "celebrity row," soaking up a New York Knicks game alongside famous celebrities like Spike Lee.

Dozens of A-list celebrities have been spotted courtside this year at "The World's Most Famous Arena," cheering on the resurgent Knicks as they make a bid for a playoff berth.

But after Tebow was roundly booed by New York sports fans when he was shown on the video screen at an Apr. 15 contest between at Los Angeles Angels and New York Yankees at Yankee Stadium, schmoozing with celebs at a Knicks game no longer seems like a plausible scenario for him.

Would Knicks fans give Tebow a standing ovation like they have for other celebrities who appeared on the Jumbotron at MSG in the past, or would he be greeted by the same rude welcome that Yankees fans gave him on Sunday?

Knicks fans don't always greet their celebrity guests with applause, as Justin Bieber was loudly booed when he was shown on the Madison Square Garden Jumbotron during a Knicks game in Feb. of 2011.

In this video, Bieber is sitting courtside with New York Rangers goalkeeper Henrik Lundqvist when the Madison Square Garden crowd interupts their conversation with a smattering of boos directed at the young singer.

On the other hand, we've seen the "Garden Faithful" treat Los Angeles Lakers star Kobe Bryant to "M-V-P" chants after he dropped 61 points on the Knicks in 2009. If anything is to be learned of this, it's that New York sports fans simply appreciate top-level performances and shows of greatness.

Bryant was cheered because he entertained the crowd with a wonderful display of basketball skills, while Bieber was booed because he did nothing to earn the crowd's respect.

Being that Tebow has yet to throw a football as a member of the New York Jets, he hasn't earned the respect of New York sports fans.

I feel that he wouldn't be roundly booed if he made an appearance at Madison Square Garden, but there is no way he'll receive a loud ovation like other celebrities have in the past. I believe Tebow would be greeted with a sprinkle of applause, with a light smattering of boos.

Would Tim Tebow Get Booed At Madison Square Garden? Let me know in the comments.

Eric Holden is a lifelong New York Jets and New York Knicks fan. Follow him on Twitter @ericholden.

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