Should Tim Tebow Appear on WWE Raw to Settle Feud with CM Punk? Fan's View

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Was CM Punk's verbal pipe bomb on Tim Tebow during his recent appearance on Late Night with Jimmy Fallon the first part of an elaborate WWE storyline that will culminate with the New York Jets' standout showing up for a filming of RAW?

Tebow is a fan favorite across the country, and one of the few NFL athletes who has crossover appeal to different fan bases like that of the WWE. Additionally, Tebow is perhaps most popular in New York, New Jersey and Florida, which are all pro wrestling hotspots.

During Punk's interview on "Late Night," he insulted Tebow by saying he's not a champion. "I know you're a Tebow fan," CM Punk said to Fallon, as the duo prepared to make "snow angels" on the production floor. "This is kind of like 'Tebowing.' Except, unlike Tebow, I actually am a champion."

Punk appeared to be playing it straight and not be performing "in character," but his knock against Tebow seems to tie-in perfectly with a WWE storyline. Punk's WWE character is currently a face, which means he's a "good guy."

Taking a swipe at Tebow, the ultimate poster boy for all that is good in the world of sports, would be a fun way to turn Punk's character into a heel, or "bad guy."

Professional wrestling is like a soap opera for males. The storylines scripted for the characters make the sport exciting to watch, as it's fun to see different plots develop around the action in the ring.

On June 21, the featured story on was "The 25 Best RAW Celebrities," a look back at the hot Hollywood stars who graced the stage on RAW during the first 1,000 episodes of the show. Perhaps that was a sign that more Hollywood stars and possibly even Tim Tebow, will soon be appearing on the show.

Over the years, non-wrestlers like Hugh Jackman, Kevin Federline, Ashton Kutcher, Dennis Miller, Jerry Springer, Pete Rose and others made successful appearances on RAW.

If Tebow joined such elite ranks, he would make for the perfect "good guy" to get ripped into by WWE heels like The Miz. Tebow could essentially just play himself, not actually have to actually wrestle and simply let the pro wrestlers do most of the work to make the action exciting.

Some of the finest appearances by Hollywood stars and pro athletes on RAW had nothing to do with actually performing dangerous wrestling stunts.

When Pittsburgh Steelers quarterback Ben Roethlisberger guest-hosted RAW, all he had to do was stand in the ring and greet the fans.

He was interrupted by Jeri Show, but the Steelers' offensive line entered the arena as his backup. Roethlisberger had a great time and it built a solid connection between the Pittsburgh Steelers' fan base and the WWE, which is great for both the NFL and the wrestling league.

Should Tim Tebow appear on WWE Monday Night Raw? Let me know in the comments.

Eric Holden is a lifelong New York Jets fan. Follow him on Twitter @ericholden.

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