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Tiger Woods Can Only Prove Things on the Course: A Fan's Take

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At a certain point, the words of Tiger Woods ring hollow. We have heard him say countless times about how his game is on track. However, after hearing that so many times I have to wonder if it is even worth acknowledging.

Tiger was singing his praises once again while addressing the media at Congressional Country Club. He mentioned how his game is heading in the right direction and that he believes he is ready to contend again. That is all well and good, but I'm tired of hearing it. The only thing Tiger can do is prove it on the course now.

Since his personal life exploded in November of 2009, Woods has won exactly one PGA event. That came at the Arnold Palmer Invitational earlier this year. Since winning that event, he has not finished anywhere near the top of any leaderboard. He finally completed the Players Championship in his last appearance after being forced to withdraw from the event in each of the last two years. However, Woods was nowhere near contending. Every time it looks like things might be turning the corner, Woods turns in an awful performance. This was a guy that used to never miss a cut. Now it is a possibility with any tournament.

Since his fall from grace, Woods has tried everything. He has changed caddies and coaches. He has adjusted his schedule. He has tried to improve his attitude on the course. Nothing has worked, and talking about his game isn't going to change anything, either. I'm not saying that Tiger is never going to win a tournament again. However, winning a tournament is clearly not a sign that his game is back on track. If Tiger really believes he can regularly contend, he has to show everyone that he can dominate the way he once did. I can't ever see that happening again.

Tiger can talk all he wants about his game, but golf fans should take it with a grain of salt. We have heard all of this before and there is no reason we should start believing it now. If Woods can string together a streak of strong finishes or win a couple of tournaments, maybe we can talk about his game coming back. Until that happens, there is no point in listening to him talk about it anymore.

* - Mark Paul is an avid golf fan. He has watched and played the game since high school.

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