The New Tiger Woods: A Fan’s Take

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Everyone is looking for the old Tiger Woods to make his return to the PGA Tour. There is some debate among fans as to whether not he actually can return to his previous form. You know the form that earned him 14 major championships and over 70 career tournament titles. That Tiger Woods. I am not sure that he will ever return to that form, however of this I can be sure, the new Tiger Woods is still very good. The new Tiger Woods plays golf well enough to be the first three-time winner on the PGA Tour in 2012. That is not an insignificant accomplishment. Do you think that Phil Mickelson would not like to be a three-time winner on tour this year?

The new Tiger Woods, by virtue of his victory at the AT&T National on July 1, will be the new number one player on the PGA Tour money list. The new Tiger Woods will move into the number one position in the FedEx Cup standings as of Monday, July 2. The new Tiger Woods is also rapidly climbing up the World Golf Rankings. Is it not within the realm of possibilities that Woods can regain his number one ranking? I would not bet against it at this point. It seems that this new Tiger Woods, while maybe not as good as the original version, is a pretty good player in his own right.

Now you might say the old Tiger Woods seemingly won every other major which he entered. That is true, and perhaps that Tiger Woods we will never see again. That was a once in a generation type of run that Woods enjoyed. I submit that the new Tiger Woods is still an excellent golfer. Any other golfer on the PGA Tour would love to win three or four tournaments a year, lead the tour earnings list and capture the FedEx Cup. Oh, and occasionally win a major championship. Any professional golfer would love to do those things. For any other player those are lofty goals indeed. I think the new Tiger Woods can do these things, and we should not be surprised when he does.

Dwight is an avid golfer. While still relatively new to the game, he plays as often as the weather and his schedule will allow.

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