Tiger Woods’ Europe to Asia Golf Stunt Arrogant, Pointless and Proof the World Has Lost Its Mind

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Tiger Woods’ Europe to Asia Golf Stunt Arrogant, Pointless and Proof the World Has Lost Its Mind

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Tiger Woods.

COMMENTARY | Some things shouldn't be said or done in one's lifetime, ever.

Tiger Woods' cross-continent golf ball-driving stunt in Istanbul, as part of the Turkish Airlines Open, definitely was bold, brilliantly pulled off and awe-inspiring among golf enthusiasts and socialites.

On Nov. 7, Fox Sports ran a headline that read, "Tiger's tee shot bridges continents." That's another point of contention, because there remains questions whether or not Europe and Asia are actually separate (the Eurasia debate).

And if the bridge stunt was done in CGI fashion, I'd laud it as a homer for technocrats.

However, it wasn't.

And that, my friends, has me wondering why Woods and his handlers got out of bed with an epiphany and thought this: Voila, let's do this.

Hey, I'm not knocking Woods at all; his appearance in the country was worth a whopping $3 million appearance fee deposited in his bank account.

But I'm left laboring over why officials thought the best way to create a sudden love-affair among the non-golfing Turkish community was to have Tiger Woods hit a ball from Europe to Asia.

"And the great thing about today was that last year, while the world knew Tiger was playing in Turkey, the Turkish weren't that aware, because golf is not that big here. But they certainly know he's here this year," acknowledged ISM event promoter Chubby Chandler.

Fine, it's marketing. I get that. But was there another way to achieve the same result without shutting down traffic for better than a half an hour while Tiger hit shots (shown in this video) from a makeshift teeing ground after having landed via helicopter … like a boss?

How many people didn't get hired because they missed their job interview? How many people grew sicker by the minute on their way to the family clinic because some dude was using the bridge as a fairway?

How many people missed their flight to see a loved one or to meet a potential investor about a lucrative business venture?

You get the picture.

It all makes you wonder what the world is coming to when it has to go to great lengths to pull off a publicity stunt designed to create a wow factor about something that may or may not have any value to the intended target at all.

Sure, a lot of people know Tiger Woods now. He's that dude that created gridlock traffic and made vehicles on a suspension bridge vanish as if he was parting the Red Sea like Moses. But instead of using a staff, he used a driver and Nike golf ball.

And all for what?

I'd argue that a degree of egomania played a part in this spectacle on Tiger's part. No harm, no foul. But the thinkers who hatched this charming idea must have been just a touch on the crackbrained side.

Retailers often shut down whole stores so A-listers can shop until they drop. From time to time, managers shut down amusement parks so celebrities and their entourages can roam around freely. And then there's the occasional bigwig, who rents out an entire baseball stadium so he can propose to his lover.

What's next?

Oh, I hear Lady Gaga is planning on singing from space in the near future. Perhaps, Madison Square Garden is booked on that day. So hopping a red-eye into the Earth's orbit makes perfect sense.

What do you think about Tiger Woods' bridge stunt?

Bradley is a professional writer, journalist, sportswriter and avid follower of the NBA, NFL, NCAA, PGA and tennis. He keeps a watchful eye on Miami Heat and Miami Dolphins developments.

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