Thursday's 60-second rant: A tale of three MVP-caliber QBs

Dan Arkush
October 18, 2012
Thursday's 60-second rant: A tale of three MVP-caliber QBs

With it feeling like I actually have only about 60 seconds to spare thanks to a pretty full PFW plate this week, it’s probably a good thing that there are so many decent rant topics worth considering.

Certainly Thursday night’s NFC West battle between the Seahawks and 49ers qualifies as a hot topic, but I believe already has done a nice job of setting the stage for a game that seems to have taken on added significance on a number of levels.

I also could go off on the Eagles and how foolish I believe it would be to give up on Michael Vick only six games into the season, despite Vick’s horrendous numbers.

Or I could reflect on the injury front in Baltimore. While the news regarding Ray Lewis and Ed Reed couldn’t be more grim, 2011 Defensive MVP Terrell Suggs offers a ray of hope with a possible return to action from his supposedly severe Achilles injury perhaps as soon as this Sunday in Houston.

Or I could comment on the hard times that have befallen the Cardinals, with the extremely unlucky Kevin Kolb again sidelined for an extended period (6-8 weeks minimally) following his latest injury.

But the one topic I just can’t get out of my head is the collective Week Six excellence of three particular QBs — reigning league MVP Aaron Rodgers and the Manning brothers, Eli and Peyton.

Allow me to start with “A-Rod” and his MVP-caliber breakout 2012 effort on a Sunday-night national stage against the Texans. Just when I was starting to really wonder if he had actually regressed this season, Rodgers caught fire in Houston and left no doubt that he could be as dominating as ever. Buying time beautifully while connecting with a host of weapons, Rodgers looked as good as he did at any point last season, if not better.

Can he be counted on to pick up where he left off this Sunday in St. Louis, where he will be going up against a tremendously improved defense under new Rams head coach Jeff Fisher, especially on the corners?

I’m very anxious to find out.

As for the Mannings, let’s start with Eli, who had his way last Sunday with a surprisingly vulnerable Niners defense in an impressive 26-3 victory at Candlestick Park.

His matchup this Sunday against Redskins rookie hot shot Robert Griffin III will be “must see” TV on my PFW television set, at least initially.

Am I wrong, or does it just seem like the Giants can throw any receivers out there, and Eli will get the job done? Weapons just seem to keep coming out of the Giants’ woodwork, as they look more and more like a Super Bowl contender again with every passing week.

Finally, my keyboard can’t come close to offering Eli's big brother the praise he deserves after his amazing comeback effort against the Chargers to cap off the action in Week Six last Monday night.

Maybe it’s because I’m the PFW editorial staff’s senior citizen, but Manning’s latest heroics at his advanced age has me thinking that he might have become the league’s top story line with the season’s halfway point fast approaching.

Watching the four-time MVP in action never gets old.

And with the Broncos suddenly looking like the best team the AFC West might have to offer, it’s going to be lots of fun watching Peyton prove the critics — like me — wrong who thought before the season started that he might be over the hill.

Hope this fills the rant bill, dear readers.

Now if you'll excuse me, I must get back to attacking the rest of my plate.