Three WWE Superstars that Deserve More Television Time: Fan's Opinion

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The WWE creative team has got one of the toughest jobs in all of professional wrestling having to come up with story lines and figuring out who to feature week after week. Every superstar on the roster has merit of some sort or they would not be there in the first place. Still, it seems that certain superstars get passed over on a regular basis and it confuses the fans. Here are three wrestlers that get regularly passed over on television but are extremely popular among the fans and wrestling community:

Justin Gabriel

This guy has been around now long enough for the WWE to see his potential. Certainly they know what they are doing but it puzzles me why he is not given more time on television. Gabriel is one of the most popular wrestlers I have seen at house shows and he always puts on a solid match. He has a thrilling finishing move and can work with most any style. What is holding him back is a mystery to me.


Layla might be a bit of a confusing choice for some, but she really was shorted in her title run recently. Despite holding the Diva's Championship, she was off the air on television for about three weeks of her reign. When she was lucky enough to get on television, it was for a quick two minute match. Layla is a great wrestler when given a good opponent and the time to show it. Perhaps that will change with the sudden influx of female talent on the roster of late.

Tyson Kidd

Kidd has gotten more air time of late but he still is not featured properly. This guy is a top shelf performer in every way and he deserves to be on every episode. Not only should he be there but he should also be winning some. Right now he is being used as a glorified jobber on most episodes. Perhaps he has a better future coming but I wish it was sooner rather than later. He is fun to watch in the ring.

*Southern is a huge WWE fan that believes they could improve a great deal by looking back at the old NWA ways of doing things.

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