Three Reasons Why the Cleveland Browns Must Bench WR Greg Little

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COMMENTARY | Wide receiver Greg Little has run out of second chances with the Cleveland Browns.

Though Little made a very impressive catch on a 47-yard pass by Browns quarterback Brandon Weeden during Cleveland's 37-24 win over the Buffalo Bills on October 3, plays like that have been few and far between for the third-year wideout.

Too often, Little's performances on the field have brought more disappointment than anything for Browns fans tired of his inconsistent play.

These are the three main reasons why the Browns must bench Little ASAP:

He Doesn't Do His Job Well

As an NFL wide receiver, Little is paid tons of money to fulfill one main requirement -- the ability to catch the football when it is thrown to him.

Someone needs to clue Little in on this, because his name is synonymous with dropped passes around Northeast Ohio.

The NFL does not keep track of dropped passes, but unofficially, Little had 18 drops during his first two NFL seasons, and has had a handful more so far in 2013. That's a putrid number, especially considering those 18 drops came while playing in the West Coast offense of former Browns head coach Pat Shurmur -- most of the drops were on short pass plays that should always end with the receiver making the grab.

Knowing that, it's almost nonsensical that Browns keep trotting him out there every Sunday.

When He Does Catch The Ball, He Doesn't Do Much With It

At 6' 2", 220 pounds, with decent speed, a player with Little's physical attributes should be averaging quite a bit better than 11.8 yards per catch during his NFL career.

Production like that is ho-hum at the NFL level, and pales in comparison to the numbers that teammate Josh Gordon has racked up over two NFL seasons. Gordon is at 16.3 yards per catch during that time span.

Even more telling is the fact that tight end Jordan Cameron has nearly equaled Little's career yard per catch total, averaging 11.1 a grab in his three NFL seasons.

There is certainly one player on the current Browns roster who could likely put up better numbers than Little if given the opportunity, which leads me to:

Less Little = More Travis Benjamin

Benjamin, a second-year wideout from the University of Miami, is already one of the more feared return men in the NFL.

He could be on his way to being one of the more feared slot receivers in the NFL, but we won't know that for sure anytime soon since Little gets so many reps at that position.

Unlike previous return man Josh Cribbs, there would be no growing pains for Benjamin if he got more reps with the offense. After all, he did catch 131 passes during his four-year college career.

Cleveland's insistence on continuing to make Little a key part of the offense has to be frustrating to Browns fans who are being robbed of a chance to see more of the electric Benjamin, who with his speed, could turn any play into a possible touchdown.

Shaun Heidrick is a Yahoo Contributor who has followed the Cleveland Browns for over 25 years.

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