Three Reasons the Cincinnati Reds Are Going to Win in the Playoffs: Fan's Opinion

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The Cincinnati Reds are a virtual lock at this point to make it to the playoffs as the National League Central Champions once again. They have a magic number of four for the division title and only one to make the playoffs. Once they get there, however, nothing is guaranteed. As a huge Cincinnati Reds fan, I feel very good about their chances in the playoffs. Here are three really good reasons why:

Excellent starting pitching

Although teams are now more capable of outscoring everyone, great pitching is still the most reliable way to have consistent success. If you have guys that can go out there and keep you in the game regularly, then you always have a chance to win. The starting pitching in Cincinnati has been epic and I would feel comfortable stacking them up against any rotation in the league. The Reds will be in every single game once the playoffs begin if things go as they should.

Fantastic bullpen

Just as important as the starters, the bullpen is a huge advantage that not many teams will have. Usually a team has one or the other, but the Reds have an awesome starting five and a shutdown bullpen. That type of advantage is the type that wins World Series games. Aroldis Chapman is looking good for his comeback so we should be right as rain by the time the playoffs start digging in.

Timely, explosive hitting

Everyone knows that the Reds have had their share of hitting woes at times, but they are explosive. If the team gets hot, then they can score runs with anyone. More importantly, the Reds are loaded with players that are clutch when you need them. Time and time again during the 2012 season, the Reds have come up huge when the bats had to start rolling. Perhaps the playoffs are the perfect scenario in which to have those bats start popping once again?

*Southern is a life-long Cincinnati Reds fan that grew up watching Pete Rose, Johnny Bench and the boys dominate the Major Leagues. He longs for those days once again in Cincinnati.

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