Three Reasons the Carolina Panthers Were Smart to Acquire Louis Murphy: Fan's Opinion

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Louis Murphy being traded to the Carolina Panthers from the Oakland Raiders probably did not send off any major alarms around the NFC South and that is reasonable. Murphy is a guy that had a couple of good years in Oakland before being injured and falling down the depth chart in 2011. Murphy also had the bad luck to have Darrius Heyward-Bey and Denarrius Moore explode onto the scene in his absence. By the time Murphy returned from sports hernia problems, the opportunities in Oakland had seemingly passed him by. Now, he comes to the Carolina Panthers with tons of opportunity before him. As a matter of fact, this huge Carolina Panthers fan thinks it was a brilliant move by the Cats. Here are three good reasons why:

He will compete for the number three slot

Murphy is a receiver that has all the things you want in a solid wide out. He has great hands, strong hands, solid size and route running ability. He also is a capable zone receiver in that he knows where to sit down and wait for the football. That is the type of guy that will find snaps during the season. If he can stay healthy, he will push David Gettis, Joe Adams and the rest of the Panthers in training camp.

He will provide depth regardless

Even though Murphy is not likely to pass up David Gettis for the number three slot, he will provide some much needed depth in case Gettis is not fully recovered from his ACL problems. Those types of injuries are notoriously hard to predict, so having a quality guy like Murphy around who has been in the league for a bit is a security blanket for Ron Rivera.

He is Legedu Naanee 2.0 in many ways

In many ways, Louis Murphy will play some of the roles that Legedu Naanee played in 2011. Naanee was a Rivera guy that came in because he was familiar with the offense, but also because he was a fairly steady receiver. The problem with Naanee was that he was not very steady and he was outplayed by Brandon LaFell all season. I felt that Rivera missed that last year and put Naanee out there far too often. Hopefully he will not make similar mistakes with Murphy. I doubt that will be the case because Murphy has no such ties. He played briefly with Cam Newton at Florida but that is about it. Naanee did provide veteran leadership and Louis can fill a similar role regardless of his final depth position.

*Southern is a huge Carolina Panthers fan that is convinced that he will see a Super Bowl Trophy in Charlotte within five years.

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