I like Theo Walcott's Enthusiasm: A Fan's Reaction

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When Theo Walcott recently said that his Gunners "have got everything," and they have the team to finally end their wait for silverware, I was thrilled to hear someone who wears Arsenal red finally speak their mind about the potential of this squad.

He told Arsenal's official website, "We have got everything. People are coming out of their shells, playing at the top of their games and staying fit."

His fellow team members staying fit has been a big reason Arsenal has won nine out of their last eleven matches. The dynamic Mikel Arteta did suffer a serious ankle injury midway through Arsenal's defeat to Wigan. Coming off the whipping, I hope some of Walcott's positive mind-set holds up so Arsenal can remain in third place.

He believes the Gunners are a stronger club due to the lackluster results of their early-season matches. With any luck, he can turn Arsenal's lose to Wigan into a positive with four games left in the season; chalk it up to just a bump in the road.

Anyone who has ever played a sport and been a member of a team knows that the teammate who has the most enthusiasm to play the game is someone everybody naturally gravitates to. That team member sometimes is not always the most talented player, but they add an energetic element that can help take a mediocre team to a level of play that they didn't believe they were capable of. Walcott is that type of player. He's also a scoring machine when left unguarded.

Walcott also said, "When people play at their full potential it makes the job so much easier. We need to learn to do this more often."

Arsenal started playing more like a cohesive team right about the time everyone started writing them off. They haven't reached their full potential, but in there stretch of Premier League wins since February, they're inching closer to it.

Walcott believes Emirates Stadium is starting to become a fortress. The vibe of fans in Emirates is electric lately, but that doesn't necessarily translate into victories. It's nice to know that our second best player, who has scored eight goals and eight assists this season, recognizes that the fans have contributed something to Arsenal's success. There is something refreshing about that.

Note: I've been an Arsenal fan for nearly a decade. My cousin got me interested in the club at a young age.

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