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Ten Historical Facts About UConn's Jonathan the Husky

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In the 1930s, the University of Connecticut was ready to establish a new mascot. The "Husky" was chosen by the students and now the infamous logo is seen everywhere in the state of Connecticut.

The history of Jonathan the Husky is filled with fun facts, interesting notes, and is great knowledge for UConn students and fans.

1.) The Husky Introduced: After a student vote in the college newspaper, the "Husky" was officially chosen, along with the name Jonathan, in 1935.

2.) Behind the Name: The name Jonathan was based off Connecticut hero Jonathan Trumbull, a former Connecticut governor and friend to President George Washington. Every new mascot is now named Johnathan. As of 2012, Johnathan XII serves as the official mascot.

3.) Devastating Car Deaths: The first Johnathan was not the mascot for long. His life was cut short after he got hit by a car. A sad fate that Johnathan VI and X also suffered.

4.) Black & White: The original husky was a mix of black and white fur. Every husky after that has been pure white, as is represented by the logos and merchandise.

5.) Real Husky Dogs: Purebred husky dogs are always used to represent UConn. In 1965, the University of Alaska donated Jonathan VII after receiving help from the university during an earthquake.

6.) April Fools Joke: For multiple years, radio stations have held April Fools' jokes about the UConn mascot. One of the most memorable was the fake announcement that the "Husky" was being replaced as the "UConn Collie."

7.) The Mystery of Jonathan IX: After so many dogs, the university lost count and had to renumber Jonathan IX to Jonathan X. There is still no proof or papers on the missing husky in its mascot timeline.

8.) The Wimpy Husky: Some Huskies don't like crowds. Jonathan V looked like a promising mascot, but he cowered in crowded situations. He would quickly need replacement and was forced into early retirement.

9.) Homer the Husky: After the situation with Jonathan V, Homer the Husky was introduced in 1963. Homer still appears at the majority of UConn games today.

10.) Husky Dog Statue: Jonathan finally got his ultimate respect when a statue honoring the husky dog was placed on campus in 1995. It still stands today, as proud Huskies fans walk by it on their way to Gampel Pavilion.

Alan Donahue has spent his whole life in Connecticut and attended multiple UConn Husky games. He has written hundreds of sports articles.

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