Ten Feats That Help Define U.S. Open Tennis History

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In its 130-year history, the U.S. Open tennis tournament has seen some amazing feats by both men and women tennis players.

Here is a list of the top ten feats accomplished at the year's last Grand Slam tournament.

10. Ivan Lendl played in eight consecutive singles finals from 1982-1989. Lendl was 3-5 in those finals. He lost three, then won three, then lost two more.

9. Jimmy Connors holds the record for the most singles matches played in the U.S. Open. Connors played in 115 matches from 1970, his first Open, to his final tournament in 1992.

8. Andre Agassi and Martina Navratilova hold the men's and women's records for most consecutive singles tournaments played in the open era at 21. Agassi played in every Open from 1986-2006 and Navratilova played in each one from 1973-1993.

7. Helen Wills holds the all-time record for winning percentage in singles matches at the U.S. Open with a mark of .962. Wills, a six-time champion, was 50-2 at the Open. In the open era, Roger Federer holds the mark at .897 (61-7).

6. Chris Evert won the most singles matches of all time at the Open with 101 victories from 1971-1989. Evert just edged out the 98 wins by Jimmy Connors.

5. Roger Federer won a record five consecutive singles titles from 2004-2008. Federer is tied with Pete Sampras and Jimmy Connors with five total wins. Chris Evert holds the women's mark with six singles crowns.

4. Bjorn Borg and Evonne Goolagong accomplished a feat they'd both probably like to forget. They hold the men's and women's records for most finals played without a title, with four. Borg lost twice to Jimmy Connors and twice to John McEnroe.

3. John McEnroe holds the men's open-era record with eight total titles. McEnroe won four doubles titles to match his four singles victories.

2. Pete Sampras and Andre Agassi played in the last all-American final in 2002. Sampras beat Agassi for the last of his 14 Grand Slam titles.

1. Margaret Osborne duPont holds the all-time record with 25 U.S. Open championships. She won three singles titles, 13 doubles titles, and nine mixed doubles championships.

Brad Boeker has been a fan of professional tennis since the 1970s. He coaches high school tennis in Illinois.
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