Are Temple Owls Coming to Hawaii This Year? Fan’s Reaction

Temple Wants Extra Game After Seasons Over

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Are Temple Owls Coming to Hawaii This Year? Fan’s Reaction

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Temple Owls

When the Temple University Owls moved to the Big East Conference this year, some scheduling was uprooted and to make a long story short, the school ended up with only 11 football matchups - not the usual allotment of 12. Well, they're still working on adding that extra game … for this season (source - Star-Advertiser). And the game just might happen in the lovely islands of Hawaii. Maybe.

Hawaii Exemption

The complications are immense but the key to being able to work in a 12th game has to do with the University of Hawaii Warriors still having a 13th game open on their schedule. Without confusing anyone, either Hawaii themselves or a team that plays the Warriors is allotted an extra game by the NCAA. It's called the "Hawaii Exemption" and it is offered to offset any incurred cost of traveling to Hawaii (source - NCAA Division 1 Manual, page 353).

Hawaii only scheduled 12 contests in 2012 with six home games and six away. This extra game that Temple is trying to schedule would be played at Aloha Stadium in Honolulu. Supposedly, the date would be Saturday December 8th - or maybe the Friday before or the Sunday after. That's fine but there are some problems with this. First, the Warriors basketball team has a game that day. Secondly, there's already another event scheduled on Saturday at Aloha Stadium (youth football).

Hawaii needs to make money on this exchange and it's difficult to see how they can. The school made their fans a deal ticket-wise and again, without getting into the details, essentially they would have to let their season-ticket holders in free if a seventh game was added to the schedule.

Ulterior motive

I see an advantage though and it might be why the school is entertaining this idea at all. The Warriors aren't very good this year and in fact aren't likely to go bowling. So an extra week of practice, which is oh so valuable, could be added and it might be like adding a bowl game since it would be the second week of December.

The reason the Owls are pushing for the 12th game is due to their record. They're 3-3 currently and need three wins to become bowl eligible. By adding a contest against Hawaii, who arguably would be the underdog versus Temple, gives the Owls a chance at the sixth victory and a bowl game. That means money. See, it's always about money. Plus, worst case scenario and Temple doesn't win three games, they get a winter visit to the Hawaiian Islands. Heck, that's better than any December bowl game in Birmingham or New York.

From what has been learned, the Mountain West Conference gave the Warriors the green light but now they're waiting on the NCAA to okay something like this, since it goes an extra week past the regular season. Yes, the Army-Navy game is the same weekend but that was planned some time ago.

So the Temple Owls are okay with traveling 5,000 miles and over half a day to play a football game for which they have only little more than a month to plan. College football never ceases to amaze me.

Sources - University of Hawaii, NCAA

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