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Tecmo Super Bowl: A Sports Video Gaming Milestone

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Tecmo Super Bowl: A Sports Video Gaming Milestone

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This past weekend, I cleaned out my closet and stumbled upon an ancient video game over two decades old: Tecmo Super Bowl. Tecmo Super Bowl was the legendary predecessor to the modern Madden football franchise. Released in 1991 for the NES, this game provides a great escape into the past. The pixelated displays and archaic graphics provide for retro style gaming-which is completely extinct nowadays.

Tecmo Super Bowl may be simple, but it is still extremely fun and addicting. Immediately after finding it, it made me reminisce about my childhood of sitting in front of the antenna television monitor eating hot pepperoni pizza and sipping lemonade. Unlike most modern sports video games, there is not much you need to know in order to play. In fact, someone who has never played a football video game can learn how to play in a matter of seconds. Each play involves choosing from eight different options-four running plays and four passing plays. At the same time, there is a high skill cap for this relatively easy to learn game. What separates the good from the bad is the ability to juke out of tackles, which combines both fast thumb movements as well as a little bit of luck.

Modern sports video games lack the presence of legendary hall of famers from the past. Have you ever wanted to play as Bo Jackson or Barry Sanders? Although Madden may be more graphically appealing, the pixelated Tecmo display serves just as much pleasure.

Tecmo Super Bowl has spawned many sequels, including Tecmo Super Bowl II: Special Edition, Tecmo Super Bowl III: Final Edition, as well as a recent remake available on Xbox Live Arcade and the PlayStation Network. Also released in 2005 was Tecmo Classic Arcade, which can be played on the Xbox. Similar adaptions have been made to both the Wii console as well as the Nintendo DS.

Although Tecmo Super Bowl is not one of the most popular, newest, or best video games out there, it is certainly one of the best childhood games that bring back joys and memories from years past. Finding it this past weekend has certainly brought back fine memories of my childhood.

Dylan Young is an avid gamer, and owns and has reviewed numerous video games. He frequently contributes content for the Yahoo! Contributor Network and focuses on the topics of video games and technology. He is a competitive Team Fortress 2 player.

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