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Can Tebowmania Turn into Super Bowl Mania?

How a Brady-Tebow Tandem Can Revolutionalize Football

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COMMENTARY | The acquisition of Tim Tebow for the New England Patriots can prove to be more than just a black eye for Rex Ryan, whose mismanagement of the New York Jets over the last couple of years have cost them millions of Super Bowl dollars as well as credibility as a true contender. Tebow, who was not only maligned for his positive image as a Christian athlete by the media but virtually ignored by Ryan, is being 'born-again' as a Patriot, and the possibilities of success may not only prove disastrous for the Jets but could lead to another New England Super Bowl.

Tebow, who brought a listless Denver Broncos team back to the spotlight with his penchant for fourth-quarter heroics, nearly had a chance for superstardom under the tutelage of Hall of Famer John Elway. This got derailed by the acquisition of Peyton Manning, sending Tebow to the Jets. Instead of finding Tebow the mentor he needs to develop his QB skills (why not Joe Namath?), they allowed him to collect splinters on the bench as Mark Sanchez led the team to another losing season.

The difference between Bill Belichick and Rex Ryan is as night and day, and their records speak for themselves. Turning Tebow into a true superstar would be the clincher that would leave no doubt as to Belichick's superior vision and ability to turn long shots into winners. The first step would to have superstar QB Tom Brady step in as Tebow's mentor, giving him the benefit of his experience and perception of the game along with drills and practice that would improve his positional skills. Beyond that, a double threat at the QB position could prove disastrous to many NFL teams who cannot adapt to a long-pass, short-run offense.

Brady has never been an accomplished runner, and Tebow can give him that as a second QB on the field. Alternately, a Tebow with the ability of throwing a short sniper shot along the sidelines will destroy teams set for a Brady bomb or a Tebow rush. Stretching a defense's coverage ability with such a triple threat would prove exhausting to most teams, and plays like the flea-flicker or the Statue of Liberty may result in firestorms against teams facing both Brady and Tebow play after play.

No team has ever fielded two quarterbacks on offense in league history, and a double threat of Brady and Tebow would be too much for most teams to bear. This may not be Belichick's strategy in bringing Tebow into the Patriots' backfield, but if the New England coach gets creative and Tebow makes the best of this next (and last?) big chance, Ryan may not be the only NFL coach to find himself steamrolled by the Brady-Tebow Express.

John Reinhard Dizon watched Broadway Joe Namath lead the NY Jets to victory at Super Bowl III and has been covering the Jets for four decades. He is a published author, and his sports novel "Raiders" has been submitted for publication in 2014.

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