Tagliabue's bounty decision expected Tuesday

PFW staff
December 11, 2012
Tagliabue vacates player discipline in bounty case

Former NFL commissioner Paul Tagliabue's decisions on the most recent player appeals in the NFL’s bounty investigation of the Saints are expected Tuesday afternoon, according to multiple sources.

Any punishment given or upheld by Tagliabue will be delayed by one week, offering time for players to contest the ruling and ask for the removal of Tagliabue as the arbitrator, and for a ruling on such a request.

U.S. District Court Judge Helen C. Berrigan, who would rule on any request from a player, would likely make her decision within 48 hours.

Tagliabue was appointed by current commissioner Roger Goodell to handle the Saints’ appeals in mid-October after recusing himself from the case.

The NFLPA filed a motion to recuse Tagliabue from the case a week later.