Summer 2012 New Sports-Related Websites: Fan's Review

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This summer, there are a variety of websites geared toward sports fans that are popping up on the web.

Included in the fun are new video games, a place for sports fans to make friends online, and skateboarding videos. Whether you are a summer sports coach looking for advice on how to master little league or a fan of Chicago and Philadelphia teams, these new websites have something to offer to most sports fans.

Game websites for FIFA football

Are you a fan of FIFA European Football and on the lookout for products not marketed toward the U.S.? Called soccer in North America, Margolis Media has announced the launch of six European-based football games over the past four months. In addition to EA video games like the "FIFA Street Football Game" and the "FIFA Manager 11" there are also soccer-based board games geared toward kids.

New social media for sports fans

This summer, you can make new friends that are as fanatical about sports as you are. D2 Enterprises recently released the "My Hall of Fame Site" ( website as, "the sports social network that gives sports fans' a voice online." According to their press release, "This social network allows members to vote for their favorite athletes, create their own hall of fame, create polls, and discuss sports with others in an environment completely dedicated to sports enthusiasts."

YouTube adds skateboarding channel

Over the past year, YouTube has been following the lead of users by creating videos. Recently, the WebProNews blog pointed out that YouTube will continue this trend by producing four new channels this summer that focus on action sports. One in particular, called "RIDE," features athletic celebrities and old school favorites riding their skateboards.

Topping the list of familiar faces are Tony Hawk, Frank Black, Thurston Moore, Cairo Foster, Dinosaur Jr., and Henry Rollins.

Philadelphia's latest sports news blog

This summer, there will be multitudes of sports taking place in Philadelphia -- and one new sports blog will attempt to cover them all. Called Philly Sports Live, they used a high-tech idea to advertise their website that has captured media attention. In April, the website reported that they had models pass out wristbands to Philadelphia sports fans that included a custom QR code.

Website owner Frank Mazza said, "After receiving them, nearly all of the people immediately scanned them with their smartphones and visited our website. It was the Ben Franklin QR Code that really got their attention."

Academic-approved advice for volunteer coaches

Over the next months, thousands of regular people will step up to the plate and volunteer to coach a sports team. With this in mind, one non-profit says, "America's sport coaches are currently underserved because of the volunteer nature of many sport organizations. A few regional or sport specific entities offer only portions of what coaches need educationally and professionally to grow and expand."

Recommended by and the Kinesiology Department at the University of Wisconsin Eau Claire, the Institute for Sport Coaching has expanded their resources in time for the summer of 2012.

Chicago's new long form sports blog

Are you a fan of all the sports Chicago offers -- but feel like something is missing from the reporting? To this effect, Jonathan Eig said that the goal of his new Chicago-based sports blog addresses an, "age of declining resources at local newspapers."

He goes on to tell the Chicagoist that his blog, ChicagoSide, will be, "a home for good long form local sports writing in the vein of the late, lamented 'Sport' magazine and 'The National' in Chicago." An example of their narrative long-form style writing is found in the blog entry about the Chicago Cubs titled, "The Last Scorecard In Wrigley: A Tale Of OCD At The Old Ball Park."

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