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Steve Nash Struggled Against the Lakers Before Joining Them – Fan’s Analysis

Steve Nash's Field Goal and 3-point Percentages Have Been Noticeably Lower Against the Los Angeles Lakers

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Steve Nash seems to have adopted the old saying "if you can't beat 'em, join 'em."

Nash struggled against the Los Angeles Lakers more than nearly any other Western Conference team he has faced in his 16-year career.

With data taken from Steve Nash's split stats at, Nash's field goal percentage and 3-point shooting were much lower against the Lakers than nearly all other Western Conference foes.

Field Goal Percentage - 48.6% vs. 45.1%

Steve Nash's field goal percentage has been significantly lower against the Lakers throughout his career than when facing the 14 other teams in the Western Conference.

Against the Lakers Nash made 45.1% of his field goals during his career.

Conversely, Nash connected on 48.6% of his attempts against the rest of the Western Conference.

Nash's career field goal percentage against the Lakers (45.1%) is trailed only by the Utah Jazz (44.6%) and the Phoenix Suns (40.7%) among Western Conference teams.

The low shooting percentage against the Suns is not surprising as some of these games occurred when Nash played for the Dallas Mavericks early in his career before breaking out as a star.

The Lakers were effective at forcing Steve Nash into missed shots in the past.

3-Point Shooting - 42.0% vs. 37.5%

As I have previously written, Steve Nash has been the NBA's most lethal 3-point shooter for years.

But against the Lakers, the sound of Nash's bombs from downtown went from "swoosh!" to "clang!"

Nash made 42.0% of his 3-point attempts against the 14 other Western Conference Teams.

He made just 37.5% of his career 3-point attempts against the Lakers.

The only two teams to hold Nash to a lower 3-point percentage than the Lakers (37.5%) are the Utah Jazz (37.0%) and the Phoenix Suns (36.5% - with an asterisk as noted above).

Nash "Forcing It" Against the Lakers - 10.6 FGA vs. 11.7 FGA

Though Steve Nash struggled with his shooting percentage against the Lakers, this did not stop him from putting up a relatively high number of shots.

Nash averaged 10.6 field goal attempts per game against the 14 other Western Conference teams.

He averaged 11.7 field goal attempts against the Lakers despite his comparatively low shooting percentages when facing Los Angeles.

The only Western Conference team Nash shot more frequently against was his former team, the Dallas Mavericks, averaging 12.0 field goal attempts per game.

Nash seemed to "force it" against the Lakers by shooting the ball significantly more often while making a far lower percentage of his shots.

The old saying goes "if you can't beat 'em, join 'em."

By joining the Los Angeles Lakers, Steve Nash has done just that.

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