South Carolina coach Frank Martin is the world's biggest Pitbull fan

South Carolina coach Frank Martin, whose career arc includes stints as a night club bouncer and a Dairy Queen employee, is one of the most interesting characters in the Final Four. Adding to Martin’s legend is his intense Pitbull fandom.

Yes, that Pitbull. Martin really, really, really loves Mr. Worldwide. A quick cursory Twitter search reveals the depths of Martin’s appreciation.

Martin and Pitbull (real name Armando Perez) share similar backgrounds, having both grown up as part of Miami’s Cuban community. And, lest you think that Martin is just your casual top-40 radio listener, his favorite songs include some deep cuts.

Unfortunately, Pitbull is currently scheduled to perform at a pre-WrestleMania event on Saturday, the same day as the Gamecocks’ match against Gonzaga, so an appearance in Phoenix seems unlikely. However, should the Gamecocks make the title game, perhaps we could see Mr. Worldwide cheering on his biggest fan.

Frank Martin loves him some Pitbull. (AP)
Frank Martin loves him some Pitbull. (AP)

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