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Snowshoeing Checklist for 2012 Winter Season

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Snowshoeing Checklist for 2012 Winter Season

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How many supplies you will need for a snowshoeing adventure depends on the type of trip you will be taking. If you are going on a recreational trip, you'll just need a few things. But if you're going off-trail, you'll need a few more things to be safe.

This list includes the basics needed for recreational trips. has a list of items needed for backcountry/off-trail trips, and has an extensive checklist for those planning a snowshoeing trip.

1. Water

It is always important to keep your body hydrated. advises that you pack enough for 16 ounces per hour. Try using water flavor mixes to add more taste to day-old water.

Recommended product: Nuun All-day Hydration Mixed 4-Pack of Blueberry Pomegranate, Grapefruit Orange, Grape Raspberry, and Tangerine Lime.

2. Snacks

No adventure is compliment without some nutritious snacks. has a list of their favorite new trail snacks.

Recommended products: Protein and fiber-packed cookies from ($9.95 for 4-cookie sample pack), waffles from ($1.39), and savory bars (Parmesan Romano and Coconut Curry) from ($9 for a sample pack).

3. Day pack

You'll need a sturdy and comfortable pack to carry your gear in.

Recommended product: The North Face backpack (Zappos, $89).

4. Waterproofed hiking boots.

Waterproof hiking boots will prevent your feet from getting freezing wet.

Recommended product: Hi-tec boots (Amazon, prices vary).

5. Snowshoes

Read's guide on how to buy snowshoes here.

Recommended product: MSR Evo Snow Shoes (Amazon, $132.95).

6. Waterproof shell jacket and waterproof pants

Waterproof gear is a theme in winter gear for good reason. You don't want any part of your body to get wet and freeze up.

Recommended product: Mountain Hardwear or Columbia (prices vary).

7. Wool or synthetic socks

You'll need hiking liner socks to keep your feet warm.

Recommended product: Smartwool ($8.42-$15.99).

8. Sunscreen

Even though summer is long gone, it's still important to wear sunscreen if you're engaging in outdoor sports.

Recommended product: Beyond Coastal Active SPF 30 Sunscreen comes in 1, 2.5, and 4 ounces, ($3.44-$14.99).

9. GPS device or Compass

Tech-savvy people can use a GPS device to find their way around while the old-fashioned types can use a compass.

Recommended products: Garmin eTrex Venture HC GPS Receiver (Amazon, $139.99), and Silva Lensatic 360 compass (Amazon, $20.29).

10. Shovel

A shovel can prove to be helpful if you are venturing into avalanche zones.

Recommended product: AAA blue aluminum utility shovel breaks down to three pieces, weighs approximately 1.3 pounds, and adjusts from 25 to 32 inches (Amazon, $19.99).

Tricia Bangit is a snow-lover who hopes to one day live around it year-round.

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