Sir Fergie's Right, Foreign Players Do Dive More: Fan's Reaction

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Sir Alex Ferguson thinks foreign players dive more than their British counterparts in the Premier League. Ferguson made his thoughts known on the matter after Manchester City striker Sergio Aguero said that British players received "privileged" treatment from officials.

It's a pretty bold observation, but it does seem like foreign players dive a lot more than British players. Do all British players stay upright when they score, no, but foreign players do dive enough to make it noticeable to fans of the Premier League.

Fergie believes Nani should have been given a spot-kick after running into Jan Vertonghen in last weekend's loss to Tottenham, and defended the winger over claims of diving before accusing foreign players have been above all guilty of diving.

"Nani is not the type to dive, I know that," said Ferguson. "But it's not worth going into that subject, because down the years there have been plenty of players diving and, you have to say, particularly foreign players."

Foreign players diving is common and what the referees decide to do about is always, generally, a mystery. The refs see what they want to see and sometimes I even think they call matches by the way they feel that particular day. If they chipped a tooth while eating their breakfast that morning, the refs could go crazy with oddball calls and red cards. If a ref is having trouble at home, he could bring it to his work, like so many people do everyday in the regular workforce.

A referee should be a steady, cool customer, but in the heat of the battle of Premier League football no one really knows what a ref is capable of. They can call a penalty on just about anything they want, especially diving.

I've never been a big fan of diving, but I can't imagine football without it for some reason. As long as I've watched football, primarily the Premier League, the act has been a part of the game.

Diving, if you like it or not, it's not going anywhere. Some referees have likely gotten used to it being a part of the game. A celebration shouldn't be stifled. It's the true emotions of an athlete; seeing referees giving penalties for a player doing something that comes naturally…there's something wrong with that, British or foreign.

Note: I've been an Arsenal fan for nearly a decade. My cousin got me interested in the club at a young age.

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