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Singer Jenkins Receives Death Threats After Gossip of Beckham Affair: Fan's Take

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Frantic fans of celebrity couple David and Victoria Beckham have responded with fervor when the Neath-born mezzo-soprano singer Katherine Jenkins publicly denied having an affair with Beckham. Where the rumor of the affair originated is a mystery. Following her denial on social media, thousands of perplexed members of the public said they had never heard the rumor before.

The abuse Jenkins is going through now has spiraled to a frightening level. She has received several threats on Twitter. One user has threatened to 'cut' Jenkins if the rumors of the affair are true and another user even threatened: 'I'll kill that s*** Katherine Jenkins.'

Jenkins' representatives said the death threats were reported to the police who are taking the threats very seriously. Twitter isn't always good times and laughs. This is an example of the dark side of social media when it's in the hands of heartless idiots who are in the midst of a dismal existence.

I have a difficult time understanding how David and Victoria Beckham fans think it makes sense to attack Jenkins about an affair that both sides have denied. Sending her death threats makes you look like a moron who has overstepped your so-called allegiance to the Beckhams. You've fell out of the category of being devoted Beckham fans to creepy Beckham fans.

This may be the first time someone has ever received death threats for denying a rumor. In 2012, how stupid do you have to be to not know that if you send a death threat to a successful singer eventually the authorities will get involved? Jenkins did the right thing to notify the police. There is nothing loyal about sending a death threat to someone that may or may not have slept with someone you idolize. I'm sure the Beckhams are embarrassed by it.

A spokesman for David Beckham commented: "Unfortunately, we have to deal with this type of nonsense on Twitter. One minute David is dead…then a more scurrilous rumor. There is not one jot of truth to any of it."

Jenkins said she met Beckham twice: once at the Military Awards in 2010 and on a night out with friends in the West End in February. I don't think it was even necessary for her to tell that much information.

A rumor is a rumor; people are going to believe it or they won't. What these people did, sending her death threats, they seriously need to have their heads examined for the greater good.

Note: I've been an Arsenal fan for nearly a decade. My cousin got me interested in the club at a young age.

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