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Shockey thinks he might be injured again

Jason Cole
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CHARLOTTE, N.C. – New Orleans Saints tight end Jeremy Shockey said he might have re-injured the sports hernia Sunday he suffered in training camp which required surgery in September and caused him to miss three games.

Shockey said he felt he had a "little setback" on the first offensive play for the Saints during the 30-7 loss to the Panthers. He caught a 9-yard pass and was taken down by two defenders.

Shockey said going to London for next weekend's game against San Diego was "up in the air" and depended on what the surgeon who operated on him last month said. The team will certainly be without running back Reggie Bush, who is expected to undergo surgery on his left knee.

"He [Shockey's surgeon] said that maybe a little scar tissue might pop, so maybe it's just that," said Shockey, who finished the game with five catches for 50 yards.

Shockey looked slow on a 13-yard reception late in the first quarter and was stripped by Carolina defensive end Julius Peppers in the second quarter to set up the go-ahead touchdown for the Panthers.

"I had a fumble that hurt the team and I missed a backside cutoff block. That's all on me; we should have scored there," Shockey said. "So 14 points I felt like I gave up today – not because I wasn't effort-wise, just because physically I'm not healthy."

Shockey didn't blame anyone specifically, but said the sports hernia was "misdiagnosed" in August during training camp. He said the MRI he took may not have shown the injury properly, leading to an initial belief that he had a groin injury.

"They said it was a groin. But you know, maybe it wasn't the team. It was just the MRI image was completely wrong. It was a bad MRI machine, and the world's best doctor could not have diagnosed it," said Shockey, in his first year with the Saints. "Then I went to Philadelphia and they got an MRI, they saw several tears. And for three games, I never should have even been playing. But again, it should have been fixed in camp. It wasn't. That's very discouraging. But what can you do?"

Despite Sunday's setback, Shockey says he still feels healthier than during the first three games of the season.

"That's the positive thing. It does not feel worse. The first three games of the season it was both sides … I was playing on no legs," he said. "My first three games of the season, playing in the shape I was in, it was scary."

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