Sergio Martinez Demands Olympic-Style Blood Testing for Chavez Jr. Rematch; Fan's Take

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Sergio Martinez is fully in the driver's seat when it comes to his 160 lb. domain and appears more than willing to exercise his control as the division's undisputed top dog.

The WBC world middleweight titlist from Argentina recently told Boxingscene that he'd only accept the proposed Julio Cesar Chavez Jr. rematch at Dallas Cowboys Stadium if Chavez Jr. agrees to undergo about one month of Olympic-style random blood testing prior to the bout.

The second-generation former WBC champ, who lost his title to Martinez via one-sided unanimous decision on September 15th, tested positive for Marijuana in the Nevada State Athletic Commission's post-fight drug test and is currently awaiting the commission's punishment. He also tested positive for the diuretic/masking agent, Furosemide, following a 2009 bout with journeyman Troy Rowland and received a $10,000 fine and seven month suspension.

Given Chavez's past drug use and the shady reputation of the Texas boxing commission, Martinez surely feels that the Olympic-style testing would offset any possible cheats or shortcuts taken by the opposing team.

"If he wants to box there [Dallas Cowboys Stadium], there must be a condition to undergo Olympic testing for one month, one week, and one day before the fight," Martinez said.

The call for true random blood testing could very well kill any chance of a rematch should Martinez hold firm on his demand. But, with Chavez's pending suspension and the injuries Martinez sustained in the bout (broken left hand, torn ligament in the knee), it was unlikely that any rematch would be planned before mid-2013, anyway.

Lots could happen between now and planning for a return bout. Martinez has said that he'd like to make an optional defense in his native Argentina and, of course, at 37 years of age, an upset is always a possibility. Meanwhile, one can never tell whether the 26-year-old Chavez Jr. will take the loss and subsequent positive drug test as a life lesson or allow the circumstances to create a personal meltdown and career self-destruction.

But, assuming both fighters are still open to the bout, a rematch could be entertaining, especially considering Chavez Jr.'s last-round offensive surge that knocked down and nearly knocked out the mostly-dominant Martinez.

The drug testing would also allow Chavez to quiet any rumors about performance enhancing drugs and prove to the world that he is, indeed, a clean and honest, world class middleweight.

A preliminary best bet, though, is that this bout doesn't get made-- at least not under these terms.


Paul Magno was a licensed official in the state of Michoacan, Mexico and a close follower of the sport for more than thirty years. His work can also be found on Fox Sports and The BoxingTribune. In the past, Paul has done work for Inside Fights, The Queensberry Rules and Eastside Boxing.


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