Seminole's member-pro is a grand hit

John Kim

Quick, what event in 2014 has had all four current major champions play? Hawaii? Nope. Torrey? Pebble? Nope. A World Golf Championship? Try again.

The answer is...Seminole. Yes, Seminole Golf Club, the pristine and very exclusive golf club in Juno Beach, Florida held its annual member-pro (where a member invites a pro (touring or club professional)) and if you get invited to play at Seminole...well, you don't turn it down. Doesn't matter who you are, you don't turn it down.

--- Justin Rose (@JustinRose99) March 4, 2014

So among the pros lucky enough to be invited were the current major champions. And they even brought some hardware to boot (well, Adam Scott brought a green jacket, which let's be honest, is as cool as any golf trophy).

There aren't going to be many photos released from the event but we were lucky enough to get a few shots from Twitter.

--- Rex Hoggard (@RexHoggardGC) March 3, 2014

We're not even sure who won, but with a field like this, you can bet it was a pretty incredible performance.