The Secret, Deadly Aspect of Steve Nash's Game Nobody Talks About - Fan's Analysis

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Don't let Steve Nash's low-key personality fool you.

The truth is Steve Nash is a cold-blooded killer on the court - just not in the area that usually gets talked about.

Most people know Steve Nash has dominated the league in total assists, leading the NBA in each of the last three seasons. It is also well-known that he is usually one of the best 3-point shooters and free throw shooters in the league.

But here is one thing most NBA fans do not realize about the Lakers mellow new point guard:

Steve Nash is perhaps the best mid-range jump shooter in the NBA.

With data taken from, there was no better shooter in the NBA in 2012 shooting from mid-range than the new Lakers' offensive orchestrator.

2012 FG% Leaders - Mid Range Jumpers (12-18 FT), Min 100 Attempts

1. Steve Nash, PHO - 55.9%

2. Jason Smith, NOH - 53.9%

3. Luke Ridnour, MIN - 52.4%

4. David West, IND - 51.2%

5. Luis Scola, HOU - 49.5%

Most NBA fans think of Steve Nash as either a deadly 3-point shooter (42.8% career) or as a penetrator who can get all the way to the rim for a layup or dishing it off for an assist.

But the stats show that Steve Nash is also the best in the NBA in drilling mid-range jumpers, a fact that often gets lost when discussing his all-around game.

And 2012 was not a fluke for Steve Nash's mid-range game. Here is Steve Nash's rank in the NBA in mid-range jumpers in the three seasons before 2012:

Steve Nash's NBA Rank - 12-18 Foot Jumpers, 2009-2011

2011 - 8th (48.5%)

2010 - 4th (48.5%)

2009 - 4th (50.0%)

What Steve Nash's Nasty Mid-Range Game Means to L.A.

With Steve Nash consistently among the best in the league from mid-range, the Lakers should absolutely punish opponents with the pick and roll.

Pick and rolls featuring Steve Nash and Pau Gasol will be hard to stop. If the defender goes beneath the screen, Steve Nash will either hit a 3-pointer or do what he does better than any other player in the league - nail a mid-range jumper.

If Nash gets into the lane he will either have a layup or a dish to Andrew Bynum for a dunk.

Oh, and don't forget that Kobe Bryant guy lurking on the wing.

Everybody knows Steve Nash will bring a plethora of assists and the ability to stretch the defense with his 3-point shooting. But lost in some of these easy-to-see stats is Nash's deadly mid-range jumper.

Nash may position himself as a low-key, mild Canadian.

But don't his casual persona fool you.

Because the truth is that Steve Nash is a deadly assassin from mid-range.

And with his new home in Los Angeles, the rest of the NBA is about to find this out.

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