Seattle Seahawks Quarterback Questions Are Tiresome: Fan Opinion

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I love the Seattle Seahawks, and I've loved them since they came into existence in 1976, but I'm getting really tired of all the "news" coverage of the quarterback competition. I really wish that we could all just let it work itself out during training camp.

Since Matt Flynn was acquired in March and Russell Wilson was drafted in April, virtually the only media coverage surrounding the Seahawks has been about the three-man competition between the two new guys and incumbent Tarvaris Jackson.

(Josh Portis is apparently chopped liver now, which has to be doing wonders for his confidence and motivation level coming into camp.)

The latest breaking "news" is that Jackson is entering training camp as the No. 1 quarterback on the Seahawks' depth chart. As he should be. As if it really means anything.

I'm not a fan of Jackson at quarterback. I never have been. I don't think he was all that good with the Minnesota Vikings, and I don't think he's been all that good with the 'Hawks. My main beef with him under center is his appalling decision-making. I also don't think he throws the ball particularly well for a starting quarterback. Just my opinion.

He is, however, the incumbent and, as such, should enter camp as the starter. He's the only guy that we really know anything about. Why wouldn't he be the starter?

Sure, Flynn may be the greatest thing since sliced bread, and the Seahawks have a lot of money tied up in him ($10 million guaranteed, I believe), but the reality of it is that in four seasons in the NFL, Flynn has thrown for 1,015 yards, 9 touchdowns, and five picks. Of that total, 480 yards and 6 touchdowns came in one game last season against the Detroit Lions.

Of course, Flynn has also only had a few months, some OTAs, and a minicamp to digest the Seahawks' playbook, too, while Jackson started 14 games last season for Seattle.

Flynn, then, is not exactly what you'd call a "proven" commodity.

Speaking of short NFL resumes, Wilson's is even shorter than Flynn's, what with him being a rookie and all.

So why should either of these guys be the No. 1 quarterback over Jackson entering training camp?

And what does it mean to be the No. 1 quarterback entering training camp? Absolutely nothing. All of the Seahawks quarterbacks will get several weeks and a few preseason games to show their stuff. Only then will the coaches have any reasonable estimation as to who the best option is to start Week 1.

Head coach Pete Carroll had what I thought was a great comment in his on-camera interview with Lindsay Rhodes of the NFL Network:

"We'll figure it out in time," he said. "I keep telling our people up there that I'm going to be patient, so you better be patient or it's going to be hard on you."

Until that decision time comes, there isn't a bit of good to be gained by the never-ending guessing that's being done before any quarterback has had a fair chance to prove himself.

The author grew up in Washington State and is a lifelong fan of the Seahawks. He's also a Featured Contributor in Sports with the Yahoo! Contributor Network. You can follow him on Twitter at @RedZoneWriting and on Facebook.

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