Seattle Seahawks' Ideal Second Round 2012 NFL Draft Pick: Fan Opinion

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I'm still a bit dazed over the Seattle Seahawks' selection of West Virginia DL/LB Bruce Irvin in the first round of the 2012 NFL Draft. I did not see that one coming. Nevertheless, it addressed one of the team's draft needs, leaving them with offensive line and linebacker as what I deem to be their next most pressing spots to fill with draft picks.

Seattle has the No. 11 selection in the second round of the 2012 NFL Draft on April 27. Who might the Seahawks have to choose from at that spot?

Offensive Line

Offensive line jumps to my mind. Only four o-linemen were selected in the first round--OT Matt Kalil, OT Riley Reiff, OG David DeCastro, and OG Kevin Zeitler--but several teams ahead of Seattle in the second round, including the St. Louis Rams twice, could also use some help on the offensive line. Linemen could become hot commodities on Friday.

In my opinion, the best remaining options at offensive line are Stanford OT Jonathan Martin, Georgia OG Cordy Glenn, Wisconsin C Peter Konz, Ohio State OT Mike Adams, and Midwestern State OG Amini Silatolu. Keep in mind that Adams will miss the first five games of the season as a result of the Ohio State scandal.

My first choice would be Martin (6-foot-5, 312 pounds), but I seriously doubt he'll make it down to the Seahawks at No. 11. In fact, it wouldn't shock me if the Rams took him at No. 1. Glenn (6-foot-5, 348 pounds) may also be gone by No. 11, as might Adams (6-foot-8, 320 pounds), despite his five-game suspension.

The Cleveland Browns may be shopping for an offensive lineman at No. 5. So might the Jacksonville Jaguars at No. 6 or the Rams at No. 7. The Indianapolis Colts might even be tempted at No. 2 (although I'm hoping they take Stanford TE Coby Fleener, instead) to protect their newly-acquired quarterback of the future, Andrew Luck.

Konz (6-foot-5, 315 pounds) is a great center, but the Seahawks could really use help at guard and tackle before center.

Silatolu (6-foot-3, 324 pounds) sounds pretty good at the guard position, so all told, my order of preference would be Martin, Glenn, Adams, Silatolu, and Konz if the 'Hawks go o-line at No. 11.


I'm somewhat surprised to see Alabama OLB Courtney Upshaw still on the board, but I suspect the Baltimore Ravens will take care of that with the No. 3 pick. Nebraska OLB Lavonte David, North Carolina OLB Zach Brown, and Oklahoma OLB Ronnell Lewis are also very good, but the Seahawks' need at linebacker is more at inside linebacker rather than at OLB.

One guy who has my attention is Mychal Kendricks out of Cal. He's a bit small, listed at 5-foot-11 and 239 pounds on the NFL's website, but he's quick, he's a solid tackler, and he plays with intensity. I like that kind of inside linebacker. I'd be happy with Kendricks in blue and green at No. 11.

Also interesting me is Sean Spence out of Miami. He's Kendricks' size (5-foot-11 and 231 pounds, according to the NFL), so he's got that "small" knock against him, too. But he's a terrific athlete who has shown that he is adept at both pass coverage and run containment. As with Kendricks, I'd be happy with Spence at No. 11.

It's really a coin flip between these two guys for me. Either one would be great.

My Overall Preference

If, by some miracle, Martin, Glenn, or Adams are still there at No. 11, I think the Seahawks should take the route of offensive lineman and grab whichever one is there. Martin, in particular, would make me pretty darn happy.

If those three are gone, though, I think a switch to linebacker would be prudent with either Kendricks or Spence. One or the other--or both--may still be there in the third round, so the Seahawks may get another crack at one of them later in the evening if they go with an offensive lineman, instead.

After those guys, Silatolu or Konz.

The author grew up in Washington State and is a lifelong fan of the Seahawks. He's also a Featured Contributor in Sports with the Yahoo! Contributor Network . You can follow him on Twitter at @RedZoneWriting and on Facebook.

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