Seahawks Prepare for Quarterback Battle: Fan Reaction

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The Seattle Seahawks take the field in just a few weeks. Who will be the starting quarterback? That is the big question, and if Pete Carroll has a plan, he isn't telling just yet. Maybe he will declare a starter soon, or maybe he really wants to have a true quarterback battle. I think a lot of fans have their theories on which of these QBs will be the starter, but there are certainly some contrary opinions. Here is an argument for each player.

Tarvaris Jackson

T-Jack is certainly not the fan favorite, as he was regarded as a temporary placeholder from the moment he arrived. He had his moments in 2011 where he looked very good, but overall he was arguably an average quarterback. Why might he keep the job? Jackson is the most experienced and the most familiar with the current system. He may have an existing rapport with other players that gives him an advantage. Carroll might stick with an incumbent rather than risking failure with an unknown quantity.

Matt Flynn

Flynn is the big mystery. He had one massive game last year, and it certainly paid off in terms of a contract. Matt is getting paid good money, so that might be a factor. However, it isn't ridiculous money, so the salary won't guarantee a job. I think fans are most excited about Flynn's potential, but we have seen guys in the past who show great potential and then can't perform consistently. Flynn will certainly get a shot at the job, but he will have to earn it.

Russell Wilson

It used to be that the rookie quarterback sat on the sideline with a clipboard for a minimum of 2-3 years. Those days are gone, as some signal callers have gone straight from the draft board to the starting lineup. The game has changed, and there are more rules to benefit the quarterback. This has allowed guys like Cam Newton and Andy Dalton to jump right in and starting playing. The Hawks appear to like Wilson, so who knows? Maybe he will outplay the other two.

This should be interesting. I hope they figure it out soon. Go Seahawks!


The author lives in Los Angeles, but grew up in Seattle and still roots faithfully for the Seahawks. He has been rooting for the Hawks since the old school days of Jim Zorn and Steve Largent. You can follow him on Twitter @tpheifer.

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