Seahawks Lock Up Unger: Fan Reaction

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The Seattle Seahawks continue to sign players to deals, and this time it is one of their in-house assets. Max Unger is a young center, but obviously the team feels like he has the potential to be a mainstay on the offensive line for years to come. This is not a signing that will make big headlines, but it is the type of deal that could be part of long-term Seahawks success.

Not glamorous, just important

People understand how important the offensive line is on a football team, but sometimes I think fans forget the depth of that importance. The NFL is an extremely fast-paced game, and if you look at the top teams in the league, they almost always have quality offensive lines. That ability to provide a quarterback with just a bit more time in the pocket can be huge. In addition, your running back isn't going anywhere unless the line can open some holes.

Taking care of business

Unger is a young player, but he is well regarded by the Hawks, and they have spent a fair amount of time, energy, money and draft picks on that line. The offensive line is still pretty young, but there is certainly talent there and Seattle has to feel pretty good about their future on offense. Granted, they have to stay healthy, and that has been an issue with some of the key linemen over the last couple of years, including Russell Okung and James Carpenter.

Who will ask for the ball?

Of course, signing the offensive line to long-term deals is nice, but the lingering question remains. Who will be the signal caller? Will Tarvaris Jackson continue to build a rapport with the group and keep the job? Or will hot free agent Matt Flynn take over the reigns and be the second coming of Matt Hasselbeck? What about Russell Wilson? Will the rookie from Wisconsin surprise everyone and win the job?

The Hawks are taking care of business, one piece at a time. Now, they just need to win.


The author lives in Los Angeles, but grew up in Seattle and still roots faithfully for the Seahawks. He has been rooting for the Hawks since the old school days of Jim Zorn and Steve Largent. You can follow him on Twitter @tpheifer.

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