Scott Newell Wins Richest Prize on PBA Regional Tour: A Fan's Take

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The final round of the PBA East Region Appletree Classic was held on Sunday, July 29, in Middletown, DE. Scott Newell was ultimately able to win the tournament and the $10,000 first place prize, which is the richest payout of any tournament on the PBA Regional Tour. The rich prize fund brought out the best bowlers that the PBA has to offer including Bill O'Neil, Ryan Shafer, Brad Angelo, Doug Kent, Ryan Cimminelli, Patrick Allen, Kelly Kulick, Chris Loschetter and Danny Wiseman. While most of these PBA greats were able to perform rather well at the PBA East Region Appletree Classic, none of them were able to top Newell.

All 148 entrants in the tournament bowled eight games of qualifying to begin the tournament. After every bowler had completed the qualifying round, the field was cut to the top 24 bowlers. These 24 bowlers would advance to the match play round, where they would bowl another 12 games. The top four bowlers after the match play round advanced to the stepladder final round. These four bowlers then competed until there Scott Newell was the only bowler left standing.

Newell has able to advance to the match play round after a solid sixth place qualifying position. Newell really turned on the great bowling in the match play round, where he was able to go 9-3 and move up to the number one seed heading into the final round. Since the tournament was using the stepladder final round format, Newell was automatically entered in the title match. Newell watched Rich Graham advance past Brad Angelo and Ryan Shafer to get in the title match. Newell did not bowl up to the same quality as earlier in the tournament, but he was helped out by poor bowling from Graham. Newell was ultimately able to win the match by the score of 194-165 for his fourth Regional Tour title.

Scott Newell has regularly on the PBA Tour for four years, and was able to win his first PBA Tour last season in the Ricart Ford Open. If you do not follow bowling as much as I do, then you would not know the name Scott Newell. He is quickly proving that you do not have to be widely known to be able to win some of the biggest bowling tournaments in the world. While the title at the PBA East Region Appletree Classic does not have the same prestige as a PBA Tour title, it delivered a similar payday to Newell and that is all he is concerned about.

Jake has been an avid bowler since the age of 8, and regularly follows the PBA throughout the year.


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