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Scoring the Diving Competition at the London Summer Olympic Games 2012

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To enjoy watching the 2012 Summer Olympics Diving, it's important to understand how the competition is scored.

Here are the scoring basics to help fans enjoy this graceful water sport:

Scoring Individual Diving Events at the Summer Olympics

In the individual events, divers advance through three phases. Each phase has six dives for men, but only five dives for women. The diver's score for each of the dives is totaled during a phase. Each dive is stated ahead of the competition and a multiplier for the "degree of difficulty" is assigned. The higher the degree of difficulty, the higher the possible score.

When the diver executes a dive, a group of seven judges will score the performance on a scale of zero to 10, with 10 being the highest score. Scores can be given in half-point increments. The two highest scores and the two lowest scores are thrown out. The three remaining scores are then added together. Finally, the total of execution scores is multiplied by the degree of difficulty. This gives a score for a single dive. Then all dives are totaled for the phase.

Scoring Synchronized Diving Events at the Summer Olympics

The synchronized diving events are scored in a similar way to the individual events. The main difference is that a score for how well the divers are in sync is part of the formula. There are three parts to a synchronized score: degree of difficulty, level of execution, and synchronicity between the two divers.

Dives That Earn High Scores

An example of a dive that earns a high score in the Springboard Diving competition is a forward two and a half somersault with three twists. The degree of difficulty for this dive is 3.9. When it is performed the judges will be looking at the starting position, how the diver takes off, what happens in the air, and how the diver enters the water. From these observations a score will be assessed from zero for a complete failure, to a 10 for a perfect execution.

With a bit of understanding for the complex scoring system of diving, fans can watch and assess their own scores to see how close they come to the experts. It's almost time to pull out the big scorecards and hold them up as the 2012 Summer Olympics approach.

Jan has been active in water sports for over thirty years. She has a broad range of experience with diving and other water sports as competitor, coach, instructor, and fan.

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