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Sanchez to Green Bay Could Be Win-win If Jets Move on from Struggling Quarterback

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COMMENTARY | The Green Bay Packers and the New York Jets couldn't have more divergent quarterback situations.

Green Bay has the reigning league MVP and a coach who is considered one of the best in the NFL at mentoring quarterbacks.

New York has three guys who are various levels of awful and a set of offensive coaches that have created an offense somewhere between disheveled and unwatchable. Sometimes, it's both.

Tim Tebow will almost certainly be traded this offseason and although Mike McCarthy said at the scouting combine when Tebow was coming out of Florida that he'd like to work with the Gator quarterback, Tebow wants to go somewhere he will play.

McCarthy's famous quarterback school would be the ideal place for Tebow to work on, you know, everything about being a quarterback given how little coaching he's received in New York.

Being the punt protector and wildcat quarterback will do that.

There's no real upside for the Packers however. They aren't taking the best player in the NFL off the field to run some gimmicky play with Tebow.

But go back to a few years ago when Mark Sanchez was just an inconsistent young signal-caller. He was erratic, but he would make enough plays to win. His talent was obvious.

He pulled out games the Jets looked dead in, including a handful of comeback drives. He won playoff games on the road and had his team twice within scratching distance of a Super Bowl.

Sanchez came out of USC as a top 10 pick and has physical abilities as Rex Ryan mentioned today at his press conference. Sanchez's mechanics are bad, his confidence is perhaps irrevocably shaken and his decision-making is awful.

I argued with Albert Breer of the NFL Network on Twitter over whether the game-sealing interception Monday night was a bad decision or bad mechanics.

Unfortunately, it was both. You can't throw off your back foot over the middle after staring down your receiver. That's a rookie mistake and the Jets can no longer suffer Sanchez's novice errors.

All that being said, for the same reasons McCarthy could help Tebow, he could help rebuild Mark Sanchez. Not to start for Green Bay, but to get his career back on track and be a solid backup.

Mark Sanchez isn't starting for an NFL team next season after what he's done this year.

He's just not.

His contract makes him "uncuttable" in the eyes of some, but reports are Sanchez could be a June 1 cut, which means the Jets could spread the cap hit out over two seasons and start fresh.

Former General Manager Charlie Casserly said there was "no question" he could see the Jets moving on from Sanchez.

If you aren't going to start, why not go somewhere with an elite offense, an elite system, and the best quarterback in the game (apologies to Tom Brady)?

It could be a win-win for Green Bay, who gets a veteran backup, and for Sanchez, who is in desperate need of a career overhaul.

Graham Harrell has never started an NFL game and his one play this season was a fumbled hand-off at the goal line against New Orleans. Not exactly confidence-inspiring.

Put Sanchez in this offense where he has elite talent at the skill positions, guys like Randall Cobb and Jordy Nelson to throw the ball to, and suddenly the 'Sanchize' might have something.Every receiver on the Green Bay active roster could have started for New York on Monday.

Rodgers takes too many shots behind this offensive line and his mobility, as we saw with Robert Griffin III and Rodgers' own concussion history, means having a backup is important.

In a season or two, after Sanchez plays some preseason game and likely gets a start either through injuries or rest late in the season, he could have a resume to be a starting quarterback again.

He's young enough to take a risk like that, eschewing a move to somewhere like Jacksonville to potentially start right away - although if the Jaguars decide to move to Los Angeles, it might be more enticing.

New York may decide to keep Mark Sanchez. In fact, that seems like the most likely scenario, given the fact that the Jets were just not a talented team this season, particularly on the outside at the skill positions.

Sanchez is a project worth saving, it's just unclear if the Jets have the personnel to save it on the roster, in the front office, or the coach's room.

But if New York, a famously demanding sports city, is impatient and fires Mark Sanchez, it makes sense both for him and for Green Bay to take a small-money flyer on a quarterback with big-time playoff experience and a ceiling of potential that has yet to be reached.

Peter Bukowski is a Wisconsin transplant living in New York and has been covering sports since 2007. He is an award-winning television and newspaper reporter. Follow him on Twitter @BukoTime

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