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San Francisco Giants to Rely on Barry Zito to Play the Role of Stopper: Fan Preview

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After a difficult series in the desert, the San Francisco Giants will head to the Rocky Mountains to face off with the Colorado Rockies in search of their first win of 2012. It won't be easy, as the Giants will turn to the ever-ridiculed arm of Barry Zito to try and play the role of stopper in his first start of 2012. One of two things could happen: 1.) Zito will pitch the best game of his life or 2.) He'll be out by the third inning and Guillermo Mota will step-in in long relief. I'm now taking bets and giving good odds on Zito pitching the best game of his life (sarcasm, of course.)

What the Giants need at this point in time is confidence. They are hitting the ball well enough to score five-plus runs in their first three games, but their pitching and defense has left much to be desired thus far. If the Giants are going to turn things around and beat the Colorado Rockies -- who aren't much better sitting at 1-2 -- then the following has to happen:

Zito goes five innings

Mr. 2002 Cy Young has to go at least five innings for the Giants to stand a fighting chance. And by "go five innings" I don't mean give up seven runs in the process. I know it will be difficult, but Zito has to throw away all of his dreams of being a chef and doing yoga while he's on the mound. I commend the guy for setting aside all of the grief he's been given since joining the Giants, but I really feel like he's not 100 percent committed. That, and he never really deserved the big contract he got -- but that's just my opinion. If Zito can give up three runs or less over five innings, the Giants should be able to escape with their first win of the season.

Bring the big bats

Coors Field -- a.k.a. the great western launching pad -- has been kind to the Giants in recent years. Everyone remember that monster home run Nate Schierholtz hit to his brother sitting in the third deck in right field in 2011? Well, let's just hope that the Giants have a few of those in them. With Pablo Sandoval, Brett Pill, Melky Cabrera, and Buster Posey all going deep in the desert, I'd like to see them bring their bats to Colorado. I'd really love to see if Brett Pill could yank one out of the stadium, because if anyone can, I think it's him.

Bullpen must step up

The Giants' bullpen was one of their stronger features in 2011. So far in 2012 it's been a different story. The bullpen will have to be on its game even more so today (April 9). Why? Because Barry Zito is pitching, that's why. Like I said, Zito could go three to six innings depending upon how tuned in he is. Ideally Zito goes five and the bullpen shows exactly why they are one of the best in the league and shuts down the Rockies. In reality, they should really prepare for the worst and a long day with Zito on the mound. Either way, they need to be there to back the Giants' offense which seems to have turned it up from 2011.

Prediction: The Giants get off the snide and chalk-up their first victory of 2012; defeating the Rockies by a final score of 6-3.

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