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San Francisco Giants Get Four All-Stars, Three Starters: Fan Reaction

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If there is anyone who thinks the MLB should get rid of fan voting for the All-Star Game, then that individual would be me. Listen, I love the game of baseball just as much as the next guy, but when the All-Star rosters are all messed up due to a "ballot-stuffing" maneuver, the title "All-Star" loses its meaning. However, until the fans are no longer a factor, I will hypocritically enjoy seeing four players from my favorite MLB team make the cut - especially when three of them are starters.

Let's take a peek at the four San Francisco Giants who made the NL All-Star team and see just how they measure up to the honor of being named an All-Star:

Buster Posey (1st All-Star nomination)

I'm certain that most won't need an explanation as to how Posey earned the top spot in the NL as the starting catcher, but I'll cover his year anyway. Not only is Posey having a strong 2012 campaign thus far - .303 BA, 10 HR, 42 RBIs, and a .370 OBP - he is doing so after missing nearly all of 2011 with a broken ankle. If there is anything I think Posey could improve on, it would be not grounding into double plays. This season he has already grounded into 11 and in all of 2010 he grounded into just 12 (108 games). Either way, he's an All-Star and a starter nonetheless.

Melky Cabrera (1st All-Star nomination)

Like Posey, Cabrera is having an undeniably stellar year. Cabrera is third in the majors in batting average (.354) and also leads the majors in hits (111) - with his next closest competitors Miguel Cabrera and Michael Bourn each having 100. While Ryan Braun may be having the better year, I feel as if Cabrera has had a bigger impact on his team. He has led the Giants offensively for most of the year, but has also done so in the field, making numerous impressive defensive plays. Braun will likely get the start in place of injured star Matt Kemp of the Los Angeles Dodgers, so there won't be any tears shed for Milwaukee Brewers' fans.

Pablo Sandoval (2nd All-Star nomination)

I'm not sure how they did it - well, that's a lie, I know exactly how they did it - but Giants' fans have earned their beloved Kung Fu Panda, Pablo Sandoval, the starting slot at third base for the NL All-Star team. As much as I love Sandoval as a player, this is one case where the fans got it wrong. David Wright of the New York Mets should have been the obvious choice to start in the NL and here's why:

Sandoval: .300 BA, six home runs, 25 RBIs, and a .362 OBP (Granted he did miss 35 games with an injury).

Wright: .356 BA, nine home runs, 50 RBIs, and a .450 OBP.

See the disparity? Either way, Wright is on the team and will surely be used by NL manager Tony LaRussa.

Matt Cain (3rd All-Star nomination)

Cain has been incredible this season, just as he has always been - except this time, his numbers reflect it; specifically his W/L totals. He is 9-3 with 114 strikeouts, a 2.53 ERA and a 0.95 WHIP. His perfect game and other flirtations with a no-hitter only made Cain's case to be an All-Star that much stronger. There is actually a good chance that Cain could actually start for the NL.

Food for thought: Is there anyone else on the Giants' roster you think deserved an All-Star nomination who didn't receive one? In a situation such as the one involving Sandoval and Wright, do you think the blame could be placed on Mets' fans for not making sure Wright held his rightful spot as starting third baseman?

Note: All stats are current as of end of games on July 1.

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All stats provided by: MLB 2012.

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