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Will San Francisco Giants' Buster Posey Play Third Base? Fan Reaction

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Bruce Bochy of the San Francisco Giants has been known to cause quite a stir with the things he says. Whether he's talking about Aubrey Huff being available to relieve Brandon Belt if he is struggling or the fact that he favors lefty-righty matchups ad nauseam, Bochy seemingly picks the oddest statements to make. Well, Bochy has once again found something to stir up the media. On October 2, Andrew Baggarly of CSN Bay Area reported that Bochy thinks Buster Posey could play third base -- based upon his athleticism. Baggarly even went so far as to write an entire column on whether or not Posey could be the Giants' primary third baseman of the future.

While I don't completely disagree with Bochy in terms of Posey's athleticism, I don't think Posey is best served at third base -- in fact I don't like it much when he plays first base. I understand he plays first base to give his ankle a rest after last year's season-ending injury, but I don't think playing Posey at third will accomplish anything -- or will it?

Let's take a look at some of the benefits and drawbacks of playing Posey at third base could be:

Benefit: His bat is in the lineup.

I want Posey's bat in the lineup and if him playing third base means just that then I'm all about it. While I may not want him at third base due to his importance behind the plate, I'd rather have his bat in the lineup than watch him sit on the bench. It's clear he is our offensive catalyst -- with his MVP-caliber season and all -- and to take away our offensive catalyst will place all of the pressure squarely on our pitching staff's shoulders; something that could prove to be detrimental to the ball club.

Drawback: He is a team leader and belongs behind the plate.

The position of catcher is the general on the field and the player in that position controls many aspects of the game -- defensive positioning, calling pitches, and analyzing each at-bat. Posey is the leader of the Giants and that is undeniable. It doesn't always happen that the catcher is the team leader in the majors, but in Posey's case I think behind the plate is where he is best-served to provide the team with the best possible chance to win -- not at third base.

Benefit: If Pablo Sandoval can't get his weight under control, Posey could fill in.

We all have seen Sandoval struggle with his weight ever since he joined the Giants in 2008. If he can't get things under control the Giants would have no issue designating him for assignment or sending him down to the minors. If that should happen the Giants would have an instant fill-in with Posey. According to Bochy and others in the Giants' organization Posey's athleticism would make him a shoe-in to play third base.

Drawback: Higher risk of re-injury.

I think playing third base would have a higher risk of re-injury with all of the diving catches and quick-movements necessary to play third base. There is just as big of an incidence of players coming hard into third base on a first to third situation or a stolen base attempt. Posey playing third would expose him a little too much risk, at least in my eyes.

Benefit: Posey has experience in the infield.

As many of you know, Buster Posey started out his career at Florida State University as a shortstop after playing at Lee County High School -- where he also played shortstop and pitched. It wasn't until Posey's sophomore year of college that he made the transition to catcher, making his emergence in the majors even more impressive -- but I digress. If necessary, I think Posey definitely has the fielding experience and arm strength to play third base.

Food for thought: I don't mind Posey playing third base in an emergency situation -- I'm not sure what kind of emergency would constitute Posey having to play third base, but let's just pretend for a second -- however, Posey as the Giants' future third baseman seems a little far-fetched. Do you think Posey should/could play third base for the Giants? Is there anything, in your mind, that would qualify as a reason why Posey should move to third base in the future?

David is co-founder of wrapupp sports blog where fresh content is posted daily and present sports blogs and sports opinions -- all with a West Coast bias. Growing up in the Bay Area, David is a huge supporter of all the local sports teams; the Giants, Athletics, Warriors, Sharks, 49ers, and Raiders. His one fault, admittedly, as many of his friends and family would say, is his love for the Los Angeles Lakers. Growing up, Magic Johnson was his favorite basketball player and he fell in love with the team. He chalks it up to, "Not knowing any better". Now his love for sports has turned just as academic as it is intuitive and he follows most all sports all over the nation.

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