San Francisco 49ers’ Safety Dashon Goldson Will Stay with Team: Fan Reaction

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For those of you who have been immersed in some torturous San Francisco Giants' baseball, don't forget that San Francisco 49ers' training camp starts in just 14 days - and that means the 2012 season will be here in the blink of an eye. The 49ers play their first preseason game less than 30 days from today (July 12) against the Minnesota Vikings on August 10. Four weeks later on September 9, they will travel to Wisconsin to face off in their season opener against the Green Bay Packers.

And the best part of it all? Dashon Goldson will be with the team.

The 49ers placed their one and only franchise tag on hard-hitting safety Dashon Goldson back in March, and since then, the two sides have been unable to reach a long-term deal. Goldson has yet to report to any of the 49ers' voluntary workouts and has spent the better part of the offseason training in Southern California.

Goldson has said, however, that he will play this season under his one-year tender (if a deal isn't reached) and hope that something long-term gets done. He holds nothing against the 49ers as he understands the move is of the business variety.

I, for one, am very happy to hear the 49ers won't have to be without one of the best ball-hawking safeties in the NFL. Goldson has emerged as a premier defender whose hard-hitting style mixed with his ability to read the offense has been highly contributory to the 49ers' defensive unit. I favor Goldson as one of the top defense players in the secondary and a top-five impact player on the 49ers' starting defensive unit. Some may not place as much value on him, but with the way our secondary has played in recent years, Goldson, along with Carlos Rogers, has breathed new life into the 49ers' secondary.

From where I stand, Goldson looks to be in a favorable position. He was a Pro Bowl pick last season and also tied the team-lead for interceptions with six - adding one more in the playoffs for good measure. If I were the 49ers, I'd give Goldson the benefit of the doubt when it comes to a long-term deal. Michael Griffin received a five-year, $36 million extension from the Tennessee Titans in June; something that will definitely be used as a gauge for what Goldson receives long-term. (Goldson turned down a five-year, $25 million dollar offer this offseason.)

Whatever deal the two sides agree to is just fine with me, so long as Goldson is dressed in red and gold for the coming years.

Food for thought: If you had to put together a long-term deal that you thought was fair to offer Goldson, what exactly would it be?

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