Will San Francisco 49ers’ Randy Moss Help Guide Michael Crabtree in the Right Direction? Fan Question

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Randy Moss of the San Francisco 49ers has a supposed reputation of giving up on his quarterbacks and his teams. Most notably, other players have said that if Moss gets frustrated, he goes into shutdown mode. However, one thing that can't be argued is that Moss is still an exceptional athlete. I don't think anything proved that as much as when the media got their first chance to watch the 49ers work out.

According to other players such as Donte Whitner and Alex Smith they couldn't believe that Randy Moss is in such good shape after missing a year of football. He apparently has stayed in impeccable shape and leads the players when sprinting and doing other workouts. Most importantly however, he seems to have taken Michael Crabtree under his wing and the two have been inseparable.

My one concern would be Moss guiding Crabtree in the wrong direction. But all indications point to the opposite being true. Moss and Crabtree are always working out together when partners are needed and apparently they both find joy in working with one another. Which brings me to the question, "Will San Francisco 49ers' Randy Moss mentor Michael Crabtree in the right direction?"

Honestly, I'm just hoping that the motivation is actually mutually beneficial more so than just Moss guiding Crabtree in a positive direction. I don't think Moss is a bad player, but his reputation does precede him. If Crabtree can somehow "breathe new life" into Moss, allowing him to find the motivation to be a positive influence while playing for the 49ers, then it would be a welcome surprise.

Also if Moss can find the motivation from the 49ers' youth to be a positive role model it would certainly help Crabtree immensely. Crabtree has been accused of being a diva and prima donna while playing here in San Francisco. Some fans have a negative perception of him and his lack of hard work make him an easy target. Perhaps Randy Moss will realize that his greatest contribution to this team is more than just spreading the defense with his route running. He could end up being a veteran who leads our young receivers in the right direction.

Since I've obviously done a good job talking up Randy Moss and what he brings to the 49ers, do you think that his work ethic will last throughout the season? Or will one overthrown ball from Alex Smith force Moss to go into "shutdown mode"?

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