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The San Francisco 49ers are a great organization when it comes to giving fans an inside look at what is going on with their team. Whether it be short videos presented on their website, full-length press conferences with transcripts, or even just some of the shots of the team during training camp, they do it all well. Personally, I love the segments the team calls "Press Pass" because of the in-depth reactions we get from players and coaches while being questioned by the media.

Randy Moss recently held his press conference with the 49ers on July 27 and gave some insight into his motivations for his return and also how it feels to be with the 49ers. Let's take a glance at some of the best points of his conversation with the media.

Moss' Role as a Veteran

Moss knows that his role as a veteran on this team is important and is a large part of the reason why Jim Harbaugh brought him aboard. Not only will Moss serve as a threat on the field, he wants to ensure that he is being a role model for the younger players both on and off the field. His ability to draw from experience makes him a very potent offensive weapon as well as a reliable mentor. I think it's great that Moss has that outlook about his return to the NFL. I very much look forward to watching him take the field and showcase the abilities he has harnessed as an NFL veteran.

Learning about the 49ers

Aside from playing the role of veteran leader to the scores of young players the 49ers have on their team, he also has to learn about the team. He has seen that Coach Harbaugh and the 49ers like to work hard yet like to have fun. As a result he feels fresh, young, and ready to compete. I'm glad these good feelings aren't lost on Moss, who some have pegged as a problem due to his past, but like anyone, people can change. Even though Moss has had his fair share of run-ins with coaches and players in the past, he's matured now and looking to contribute in any way he can to this 49ers team that he is learning about. And it is that willingness to exact change and learn about his new team that makes him a great addition to this team.

Moss Not Chasing History

I myself first wondered why Randy Moss would make a comeback to the NFL after a year away from the game. My initial thought indicated a possible personal gain from a comeback. Contrary to that belief, Moss has indicated that he is playing because he loves the game. He has been playing since he was six years old and wasn't ready to hang up his cleats altogether. He has broken some records, but he knows those come and go, and he is not chasing any of them. He has returned to compete, contribute and help the 49ers reach their goal; a Super Bowl victory.

Food for thought: Is Randy Moss the key to unlocking a Super Bowl run for the 49ers with his veteran leadership? Will Moss have as big of an impact as is widely believed? Or will he somehow find a way to revert to his old ways?

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