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San Francisco 49ers’ Most Important Game Remaining in 2012: Fan Opinion

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The San Francisco 49ers have played some important games so far this season on their way to a 5-2 record and first place in the NFC West. There have been the battles to the bitter end such as their game with the Green Bay Packers, the blow dealt by the New York Giants and the routs of both the Buffalo Bills and New York Jets; all of which have contributed to the makeup of this 49ers' football team.

The 49ers' next matchup will come on Monday, October 29 against the Arizona Cardinals, the second place team in the NFC West and a team known to give the 49ers trouble. Dare I say that this game is the most important game remaining in the 2012 season? I certainly do; and here's why:

Division Rival

First and foremost this game is important because the teams are division rivals. The Cardinals -- as well as the rest of the NFC West -- has surprised pundits around the league and could prove to be a challenge for the 49ers. The Cardinals are currently in second place in the NFC West -- as mentioned -- and they will look to close the gap and gain a leg up on the 49ers by defeating them. This is only the 49ers' second NFC West contest this season and they will need to win it in order to maintain their advantage in the division.

Bye Week

Momentum is about as important as anything in this league and the 49ers would like to maintain some heading into their bye week in Week 9 of the season. Winning the game before the bye week will allow the 49ers to head into their bye week with a positive mindset and ready to build on a win against a strong defense. This will also allow the 49ers to continue to get better as their goal of a Super Bowl victory is still well within their sights this season.

Nationally Televised

Another nationally televised game gives the 49ers an opportunity to display their skills to the entire NFL. The 49ers' and Cardinals' defenses are two of the strongest in the league, so I would have to believe the battle will be one of endurance and hustle with the winner doing the better job of tackling and forcing turnovers. The 49ers will want to show the nation that they are a strong team that can hang with tough defenses while imposing their will on the opposing offense. The 49ers definitely have the edge offensively but these teams are pretty well matched on defense.

Food for thought: Is this game the most important game the 49ers have left on their schedule (excluding, of course, postseason play)? If not, which would you classify as the most important game and why? (And we all know all the games are important, but if you had to pick just one, which would it be?)

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